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DTC Podcast
Oct 1, 2020
Crushing SEO without Backlinks with Nick Jordan
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Nick Jordan is a character. and a razor sharp SEO with results to back up his bombastic opinions.

In his first three years in business with ContentDistribution.com he's grown several websites from 0-100,000 in a year, some projects doing 500K organics already all with zero focus on backlinks.

"There are 3 main things people think about when they think about SEO and I don't do any of them."

⛔️ Backlinks

⛔️ Technical SEO

⛔️ Praying to the Google Gods

Watch: https://youtu.be/ZaT1BajuLKQ

Subscribe: https://directtoconsumer.co

He lays out his entire methodolgy in this podcast, screensharing his private tools, giving you a clear picture of how all of it works, including:

📦 Why Content velocity is your biggest lever with SEO

📦 How to link sites internally to create the most juice

📦 How to create top, middle, and bottom funnel SEO content

📦 How to think about grouping keywords on pages

📦 How to find new dimensions within your keyword research

📦 Why content velocity is a moat

📦 How to do all this without the content hamster wheel feeling

📦 Why Efficiency Score it the #1 ranking metric

📦 The biggest missed opportunities for DTC and SEO

Learn all about this and lots more in this action packed poddy from DTC and Nick Jordan

Watch: https://youtu.be/ZaT1BajuLKQ

Subscribe: https://directtoconsumer.co


Keyword Grouping Tool: https://Contentdistribution.com/keyword-grouping-tool

Quality Content is Key: https://contentdistribution.com/how-google-works/

Drive Your SEO Results with Content Velocity: https://contentdistribution.com/fastest-seo-results/

Brandjacking 101: https://contentdistribution.com/brand-jacking/

Hiring Your SEO Content Writing Team: https://contentdistribution.com/seo-content-writer/

Josh Fletcher's Growth Hacking Bible: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/the-bamf-bible-2019

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