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DTC Podcast
Aug 6, 2020
DTC's Most Intimate Connection - JustWears, Alex Walsh
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🛑 This Just Wears DTC podcast is rated NSFW for irreverent underwear related copy like "palace for your fallus", and "Let your gonads be nomads" 🛑


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The DTC movement sometimes feels like a religion, or even a cult    

(a really awesome one)


But that's only because a lot of very vibrant and intelligent people, engaged in meaningful work with disruptive startups and multinational CPG companies, all recognize a core aspect about how commerce is evolving.


At its core, DTC is about connection and about how, by going direct, you can create a new kind of customer relationship that's more personal, dynamic and valuable long term.


Alex Walsh Cofounder/CFO of JustWears is the PERFECT person to chat with about why DTC is such a big deal, and HOW to build a a brand with intimate connections in mind.


In this cast Alex gives a masterclass on DTC core principles, while Pilothouse team members Raven Dixon and Liam Robinson go deep on some of the copy and content marketing tactics that have helped them grow 5X in the last year.


In this cast you'll find


📦 The JustWears story

📦 What does DTC really mean?

📦 Alex's advice on Kickstarter

📦 Overview of Underwear - Afterthought product for Big Brands

📦 Establishing Brand voice with Humor

📦 How to clear the content bottleneck and keep your feeds fed

📦 Why Alex still replies to comments on his ads

📦 Dragons' Den Experience (and how to leverage it in ads)

📦 How to let success pull you rather than pushing so hard


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