Nov 12, 2021
29 - COMEDY IS CANCELED - Analysis of Dave Chappelle's Last Special feat Philosopher King Ben Burgis
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TL;DR::: Check out Ben Burgis on Twitter @BenBurgis, buy his books, and subscribe to his YouTube Channel (Ben Burgis) and also his fantastic podcast GIVE THEM AN ARGUMENT. Most recently, he had awesome leftist historian HARVEY J KAYE as his main guest, whom I love and would love to have on Breadsheet sometime to talk Thomas Paine, because he’s the only person I know of who talks up T-Paine as much as I do. Oooh, maybe he could do a thing where it doubles as something I could use with my students. Also go to for ALL YOUR HOSS NEEDS. Howdy from Hoss. AND Ben Burgis. This is Ben’s THIRD Breadsheet appearance (check out episodes 5,6, and 20 for his previous installments), and boy howdy, is it a sexy one. We mostly talk about Dave Chappelle’s new special—not exactly attacking or defending it, moreso analyzing the reaction to it. Very necessary disclaimer: we are but two cisgender hetero dude bros… hell, we’re not even comedians, unless you consider my “music” “comedic.” So our opinions are definitely skewed by our identities, privilege, etc—as anyone’s is, really— and of course it’s maybe a little “cringe,” as the kids say, to opine on the issue of trans acceptance and Chappelle’s shitty attitude without the input of a trans person. Which leads me to my next point: I also ask Mr. Burgis about something kinda niche—his fairly negative interactions with a lovely wildcard leftist streamer named ANDREA ROVENSKI. As he acknowledges, Ben may come off as a pinch condescending when talking about Andrea in this episode, but I think he makes some good points and he even expresses some nuance—namely that he was at least A LITTLE wrong about his interpretation and analysis of the January 6 Capitol Riots, which was the crux of he and Ms. Rovenski’s little feud. Anyway, let’s heal this divide, people. We need more love on the left. Ol’ Benny Burgz and Andrea would have a great discussion if they spoke, I think, so let’s all come together and be friends. Anyway, also, Andrea, please come on Breadsheet and give me your perspective on the Chappelle special and also let’s make fun of Jackson Hinkle, a dumb dumb whom you just debated. Okay this is way too long of a description. Dave Chappelle’s special was kinda lazy and boring and ignorant in my opinion, and I’m not sure I express that well in this interview. I’m a people pleaser so I’m bad at expressing disagreement with my guests. I’m also kinda gullible, which is why they call me the JOE ROGAN OF THE LEFT. Follow Ben Burgis on Twitter @BenBurgis and subscribe to his YouTube Channel and subscribe to his podcast GIVE THEM AN ARGUMENT, pretty pretty please. Also buy his books GIVE THEM AN ARGUMENT and CANCELING COMEDIANS WHILE THE WORLD BURNS, both published by Zero Books. Can’t wait for that Christopher Hitchens book too!! I was supposed to record audiobooks of those other two books of his but I got a job right when I was getting started on that. Maybe the Hitchens book will be out next summer and I can do that one then. Oh yeah, ol’ BENNY BURGZ also debated Charlie Kirk between recording this chat and my releasing it, so make sure and check that out ON BEN BURGIS’s YoUTube Channel. It’s great. Charlie Kirk sucks. Follow me on twitter @hoss_bossman, subscribe to the HOSS BOSSMAN YouTube Channel, rate and review this podcast (it really helps!) and find all that and more shit at Love ya. Anyway, here’s Ben Burgis, THE PHILOSOPHER KING’s theme, and also his THIRD Breadsheet interview. I’m gonna ride out on a K-Macks song for this episode, so go to or find The K-Macks on Spotify and Apple Music if you like it! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
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