Feb 25, 2022
33 - RE-DOWNLOAD SPOTIFY - FoB PHILOSOPHER KING Ben Burgis was on Joe rogan?!? + a "serious" original song at the end | an itty bitty babySode
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Ben Burgis goes on Joe rogan, read all about it! I know I know, you deleted Spotify because of Rogan’s cœvįd / väçćinę takes, but Ben is a friend of Breadsheet who has told me he loved me before (I have the receipts, saving them for a slide show) and this is a huge deal not just for him but also for the cause of consciously working toward a more betterer world / society! Also I run an Anchor ad on this show, and they're owned by Spotify I think, so you know, ethical consumption, capitalism, etc. Just hear me (and of course ben) out and let’s be friends forever.

Here’s the episode:

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