03 - Healing from sexual trauma with yoga and somatic experiencing with Maria Noe
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Maria Noe takes us on her journey from being a professional singer to becoming a yoga instructor & somatic coach.

When she talks about the person she used to be, it seems as if she is talking about another person. She had several incidences where she was considering to change her lifestyle but only one of them was so traumatic, that it shook her whole life and turned everything upside down. She experienced sexual assault and the PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) that so often comes with it — consequently bringing her to leave her career in entertainment to pursue her personal healing journey.

It all started when she first stumbled across a yoga studio nearby her home. This is where she learned to reconnect with herself through flowing movements, breathing exercises, meditation, and the yogic philosophy. She was intrigued by the impact yoga had on her and deepened her knowledge in holistic & somatic healing therapies.

After going through the trauma of the assault and finding techniques to reconnect with her body and heal herself, her passion now lies in helping other survivors do the same.

Maria’s Happiness Techniques:

Nr. 1 - Tracking physical sensations to release (hidden) stressors

Nr. 2 - 3 Part Breathing to calm down (listen to the podcast to find out how to practice these techniques) 

In this Episode, we will be talking about:

00:42 How Maria changed her life around after being sexually assault

03:35 Finding Yoga - how yoga helped her reconnect with herself on a physical, energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual level

05:29 How changes can only be made when you are ready to accept that change is needed

07:40 Aligning your values with your desires and your lifestyle

08:46 A walk-through of a somatic coaching session

09:46 Exploring sensations in your body to release deep seated experiences

10:55 Happiness Technique #1 - Orienting externally - focusing on the external environment to de-stress

11:40 Orienting internally - Tracking body sensations when stressed, sad, angry, upset or anxious to see where tension can be released

12:45 How being guided by a somatic coach can give you a safety net to release traumatic events - little by little

14:40 A journey from nightmares and crying to more calmness through yoga and somatic healing

15:15 Using somatic healing to find even previously hidden aspects of the trauma and healing them.

16:36 Happiness Technique #2 - The 3 Part Breathing to calm down - explained

For more information or a personal somatic coaching session with Maria Noe take a look at:


1 Free coaching session - www.marianoe.as.me/call

Instagram - www.instagram.com/gethealthyvibes

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Instagram - www.instagram.com/opportyounity

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