13. Decode Your Emotions Meditation
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Todays meditation is about how to listen to the language of your body. Every time we feel an emotion, our body speaks to us through chemical reactions and sensations in our nervous system. If we listen carefully, we are able to understand its language. We as humans have several different terms for our emotions: Confused, excited, weak, humiliated, awful, hurt, playful, powerful, stressed and so many more! If we listen closely, we will be able to understand, that below all our emotions, only 6 of these are "pure" emotions. These pure emotions are basic emotions, that can not be deconstructed. The emotions that I refer to are: Fear, sadness, anger, disgust, surprise and happiness. When we learn to trace all of our other emotions to these 6 basic emotions, we will also unlock the power of becoming less reactive and reducing the impact of draining emotions on our system. 

Disclaimer 1: PLEASE be mindful of the fact, that this meditation is not going to be entirely pleasant. In order to understand how our body is talking to us, we need to go through these draining emotions, even if it is only for a little while. So if you have had (a) traumatic experience/s that is/are still quite fresh or that you have not had the chance to overcome yet, DO NOT TRY this meditation (yet)! Listen to what YOU need. If you do feel ready, I have added the somatic healing technique of reorientation to bring you back to the present moment and calm down your nervous system.

I will be uploading separate meditations for anger, fear, sadness, disgust and surprise for you to work through them individually, so click the subscribe button to stay tune.

Note: To experience the best sound, Use a pair of headphones.

Disclaimer 2: Do not practice meditation while driving a car or operating any kind of heavy machinery.

Dive into the meditation: 03:37

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A big thank you to you, dear listener and to Tim Moor for the background music:

Music by TimMoor from Pixabay

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