18. Inhaling Intuition - Deepen Your Meditation
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In todays meditation you will be using your breath to increase your creativity, your intuition and your connection to your inner self. In the world we currently live in, our nervous system is overstimulated by external impulses, through social media, advertisement and our constant availability via email, whatsapp, facetime etc.. We have been trained to focus more on external objects that we can see and touch or on scientific so called evidence, instead of listening to our gut feeling or the sensations within our nervous system.

The following breathing technique will liberate the lower three chakras and push the energy that we keep channelling into our lower three chakras, into out upper chakras. Our upper chakras help us to feel more connected with our love of self, open communication of our desires, our inner guidance, our intuition and our connection with the world beyond our physical being. Using this breathing technique on a daily basis will bring more balance into your energy layer, which in turn will positively impact your emotional, mental and physical state of being and even improve the quality of your meditation.

Practice this meditation on an empty stomach, preferably before breakfast or 3-4 hours after a meal. The perfect time for me to do this breathing exercise if just before my meditation practice because it leaves me feeling void of thoughts.

Dive into the final breathing exercise: 20:22

Disclaimer: Do not practice meditation while driving a car or operating any kind of heavy machinery. There have been few individuals who have fallen unconscious for a moment, so AGAIN listen to your body and if you don't feel like this breathing exercise aligns with your needs or you have any other concerns, please contact your local physician first.

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A big thank you to you, dear listener and to Tim Moor for the background music:

TimMoor from Pixabay

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