07 - Unschooling and single-traveling with two kids - with Natalie
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Today’s special guest is Natalie. With or without kids, this interview gives you a fresh, inspiring and well thought trough outlook on a different way of parenting. She has been traveling around the world with her two kids for the last two years and decided to live a controversial lifestyle from which there is much to learn. She has been raising her kids with a method called “unschooling” which she describes beautifully as an experience of letting the kids grow into the individuals they are meant to be and learning a lot about herself in the process.

Natalie’s Happiness Techniques:

1# How to let negative emotions leave your body

2# Being less demanding

3# Heart of Fire

In today’s episode we will be talking about:

01:00 Why Natalie decided to fly around the world with her kids

05:26 Making the decision of taking her kids out of school

07:45 The challenge of social pressure and criticism - reading and connection with other kids

09:53 Unschooling explained 11:09 Why travel with young kids?

11:19 Guiding kids to develop their uniqueness instead of making them into someone

13:26 “Why can’t I have it all?” The positive impact of giving as a parent

15:07 Kids are Gurus - They make parents grow through pushing their triggers

16:35 Unschooling means trusting kids in making their decisions - even if they want to go to school

17:10 Unschooling in Germany and France

18:58 Kids as spiritual masters

19:46 Unschooling moment - How her kids learned English in 3 weeks

20:43 How unschooling kids learn to read

21:35 The pressure from other parents vs. Trusting your kids

22:15 Slow traveling to give kids more stability

23:10 Maintaining relationships by seeing each other again

24:50 Unschooling kids while working

25:20 The challenges faces while single-traveling with kids

26:40 How the death of their father made her live in the moment

27:39 Natalie’s 1# Happiness Hack - Cry it out

28:55 Natalie’s 2# Happiness Hack Being less demanding

29:22 Natalie’s 3# Happiness Hack - Heart of Fire

For more information on Natalie and some wonderful pictures of her kids, combined with wise words: https://www.instagram.com/wildnfreeyoginis/

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