#9 I'll Grant You That w/ George Holmes PhD & Keyri Moreno-Bonnett, Hire Henry Co-Founders
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Welcome to Automated Success, the only father-daughter podcast in the outdoor automation market.

Is there anything better than getting double the value AND half the hassle for the same price? This week we’ve got two mighty impressive guests, here to present their cutting-edge solution to the landscaping industry’s labor crisis. George Holmes PhD and Keyri Moreno-Bonnett are the co-founders of Hire Henry, where they’ve set their sights on creating a robotic mower with performance indistinguishable from a human operator on a zero turn lawn mower. The pair received a National Science Foundation grant in 2018, and led a team that conducted a thorough investigation of the labor shortage crisis in commercial professional landscaping - including 100+ landscaping organizations across 7+ states. Key results of the study can be found here: http://hirehenry.us/

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2:46 - Every Little Thing Is Gonna Be Alright

4:12 - Researching Robotics

6:16 - Different Ways to Fly

8:31 - A Very Productive Mistake

13:39 - The Landscaping Revolution

14:14 - The NSF Research Grant & Outcomes

29:28 - The Labor Challenge in Landscaping

32:12 - The Hidden Costs of Employees

34:51 - Mowing Is Not a Differentiator

37:30 - How Receptive Landscapers Are to the Idea of Robotic Mowers

42:49 - Finding the Right Robot Mower for Your Needs

55:09 - Uncapped Potential

58:40 - It’s Not Personal

1:03:54 - Winning at Yoga

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