Christine Means Business
Christine Hansen
Welcome to the Christine Means Business podcast. This podcast talks about everything that's going on in the online business world, specifically geared towards solopreneurs, people who have a small team of freelancers, and also those who are really, really on their road to scale. The Podcast is designed to share the most actionable tips, pieces of wisdom, and anecdotes that will help you avoid any mistakes that will cost you time or money to grow your business. It is my absolute joy to share that knowledge with you, to help you for your ultimate success. You will get a new episode every two weeks, and there's loads of free materials on my website: Now it is my mission and my passion to really help you out there. To help educate you, to help guide you, and to really protect you from all the missed steps. Feel free to reach out to me before the episodes, after the episodes, during the episodes. You can find Christine at
Christine Means Business
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