From failure to success - getting comfortable with the entrepreneurial rollercoaster with Ciara Stockeland
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All of us entrepreneurs start somewhere. Most of the time, I work with online coaches and online businesses, but recently I had an opportunity to have an amazing conversation with an “offline” entrepreneur, Ciara Stockeland.

I brought Ciara on the podcast to talk specifically about surviving the bumpy ride of the entrepreneurial roller coaster — especially when it comes to navigating failure and success.

Ciara shared her personal story of leaving the nonstop hustle of retail behind to create a brand new business model.

There are lots of lessons to learn just from her story, but we also talked about…

  • Why it can be hard to pivot when your status quo isn’t “that bad” (and why sometimes you have to be brave and do it anyway!)
  • How her online coaching practice came to be (even though all she’d ever known was brick and mortar “offline” business)
  • Tips for managing the crazy highs of success and the dark lows of failure (so that you can actually learn from your experiences and create a business you’ll thrive in)
  • Ciara’s best advice for navigating burnout, surviving business growing pains, and making sense of your numbers (without having to become a full-on accounting nerd 🤓)

Ciara told me she has a lot of grey hairs from all the stress of entrepreneurship, but I think the lessons learned are more than worth it! (I hope she agrees 😅)

If you want to learn from those lessons (and save yourself a few greys in the process), check out this podcast episode.

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