Get to know your prosperity key to unlock a money flow with Vivian de Guzman
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When I  first started my business, I had no idea of the spiritual world. I started with all the marketing and tech stuff, but I kept hearing the word “mindset”  over and over again.

At that time, I didn't take it seriously because how is that going to help my bottom line? That had nothing to do with hot core economics. But as I started doing all these different things and making all these adjustments, nothing seemed to work. So, I decided to tap into the spiritual, and as I did that, I started to see things turn into place.

In today's episode of Christine Means Business, I have the pleasure to talk to holistic physical therapist, human MRI, speaker, medical and business intuitive success coach Vivian S. De Guzman.

Vivian uses her knowledge and her intuition, which has proven to be extremely sharp, to help others with money magnetism. So today, she shares with us

  • the four stages of our spiritual journey (Awakening, Discovery, Surrender, and Flow) and
  • what we need to know about our prosperity key in order to focus on our business journey and build that successful business we've been dreaming about.

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