14 - Tough Love Gets Results
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In Episode #14 Kayvon and Dai talk about tough love. Listen in for a routine to help you take responsibility for the good and bad in your life; advice on dealing with people who are hurting; and what you can learn from disgraced baseball player Pete Rose.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

●  00:45 – Introduction

●  02:40 – Voicemail and communication

●  05:00 – People now use apps like Roger for asynchronous voice communication

●  07:00 – “Tough love” - how does it work?

●  07:35 – Toughness can be honest

●  08:30 – What does Kayvon answer if his daughter asks “Are you okay?”

●  08:45 – You can be honest or not - Kayvon tries to be honest when he’s not okay

●  10:30 – “Velvet boxing gloves” - giving tough advice from a place of love

●  12:30 – Dai often deals with people who are hurting deeply

●  14:00 – Before Kayvon started dealing with his physical health, he was dealing with his mental health

●  15:00 – Reached out to Dai for help

●  17:20 – Sometimes you need to give tough love to yourself

●  17:40 – A 5-minute exercise to practice tough love

o  On a piece of paper, write 3 things that went wrong today and ask how you contributed to that result

o  Then write 3 things that went right today and how you contributed to that result

o  Repeat each night or as often as you can

●  20:20 – Dai worked in sales - and he used to ask himself how he could have dealt with a customer differently

●  22:00 – Pete Rose used to keep a baseball notebook so he couldn’t be caught out with the same pitch twice

●  23:02 – The Happiness Project - think of 3 things every night that have brought you happiness

●  25:40 – Affirmations and gratitude work. Be happy, grateful, and proud of yourself

●  26:40 – Tell us what you’re happy about and proud of! It would make our day.

3 Key Points:

1.  Don’t be humble. Don’t be cocky - but be proud of who you are and what you’ve done.

2.  Be honest with the people around you - even when it’s tough

3.  Write down what went wrong in your day and what went right, and how you contributed. By taking responsibility for the good and bad you’re showing yourself, tough love.

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