3 - How Do You Make Success Happen
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In Episode #3 Kayvon and Dai discuss the question: “What do you do to make success happen?” 

Tune in to hear Dai and Kayvon’s stories about success, learn tips for finding your success pattern, and find out what calligraphy and karate can teach you about becoming great.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

●  00:35– Introduction

●  02:00– What do you do to make success happen?

●  02:40– Kay’s always seeking patterns and trends

●  03:50– Find your success pattern: know yourself and how you succeed

●  04:12– Kay shares an exercise for finding your success pattern

●  05:00– Write down examples of your successes

●  05:30– For each example, write down 2 or 3 methods or tips that you used

●  06:30– Analyse your list: what’s been useful to you?

●  07:15– Find the top 3 methods that you’ve used the most often

●  10:20– Define what success means to you: everyone looks at it very differently

●  11:00– “Success is going from one level to the next level”

●  11:30– Kayvon improved his penmanship with constant practice

●  14:20– “Success was going from ‘terrible’ to ‘not terrible’”

●  15:30– Dai took up martial arts: success for him was about constant practice and mentoring

●  17:50– “Look for the joy in pursuing perfection”

●  18:40– “Once you get a black belt in something, you can get a black belt in anything”

●  20:35– A belt is a reminder of the practice and discipline that success takes

●  20:00– What’s the one thing you’ve focused on so much that you’re now a ‘blackbelt’?

●  21:50–  Send us your answers - we love to hear and learn from you!

3 Key Points:

1.  Study your past to find your ‘success pattern’

2.  Success is progress, not perfection. Focus on going from one level to the next.

3. Success takes practice and discipline: putting in the hours is what makes you great

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