4 - Power of Community
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In Episode #4 Kayvon and Daidiscuss the power of community. Tune in to hear about how different communities have had an impact in their lives, the ways that you can find community as alone entrepreneur, and for a chance to share your own experiences.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

●  00:33– Introduction

●  01:50– The power of community

●  03:00– “When you get people together, it’s remarkable what happens”

●  03:30– People love seeing their friends succeed

●  04:05– Crossfit - “It’s the community that keeps you coming back”

●  06:30– People rally and cheer each other on - Kayvon’s experience finishing a workout

●  07:40– Social networks allow people to escape geographical constraints

●  09:30– Mastermind group - creates accountability. Just knowing that the group is there.

●  10:10– What type of community would you like to plug into?

●  10:50– “Health-based communities - when you have the health you can pretty much do anything”

●  12:00– “Being an entrepreneur can be lonely...I love opportunities to connect”

●  12:45– Mastermind groups are a great way to connect and share perspectives

●  14:30– Dai’s process of admitting that he had a problem with alcohol

●  15:47– “Habit-related communities can be powerful”

●  16:18– Dai’s community helped him through the recovery process

●  17:10– Kayvon likes to surround himself with healthy people and entrepreneurs

●  19:00– “A community can help you deal with dark clouds around you and find clarity of mind”

●  21:08– What’s a community that’s had an impact on your life? Send us your answers!

3 Key Points:

1.  Community is powerful: people find it easier to cheer their friends than themselves

2.  Decide what kind of community you want to be plugged into which people make you light up?

3. Lone entrepreneurs can benefit from groups likeMastermind that encourage you to share perspectives and be accountable to each other.

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