9 - Openness to Being Wrong
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In Episode #9 Kayvon and Dai discuss what to do when things go wrong. Tune in to hear why you should admit your mistakes, how to talk to someone with different core beliefs, and why sometimes it’s best to give up and move on.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

●  00:36 – Introduction

●  02:15 – “Is this the right hill to be climbing right now?”

●  02:50 – How do you remain open to being wrong?

●  04:02 – For every successful project, there are 9 failures

●  04:45 – “Every No means you’re one step closer to a Yes”

●  06:50 – Kaycon usually realizes he’s wrong when someone else comes into the equation

●  08:15 – Admitting your mistakes does not make you a weaker person - it just makes you a person

●  10:05 – When Dai started to admit he was wrong, he found his relationships functioning better

●  11:20 – “Learn to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and move on”

●  13:30 – “When you’re coaching - what’s the process of teaching someone whose core beliefs are different to yours?”

●  14:20 – The best thing is to assess the level of their emotional intensity at that moment

●  15:00 – If there’s a chance for a conversation, then try to ask questions that open up new possibilities in their mind

●  15:50 – “Sunk cost” - Sunk costs shouldn’t affect the decisions that you make about the future

●  19:00 – It can be hard to let go of the time, energy, and money that you’ve poured into a project. But whether you continue or not, the sunk cost is gone.

●  20:25 –  What’s a sunk cost that you found hard to let go of? And what did you learn from it?

3 Key Points:

1.  There are nine failures to every success - so don’t let them get you down

2.  Forget sunk costs. They’re lost, whatever decision you make about the future.

3.  Avoid arguing with people. Try to ask questions that open up the possibilities in their mind.

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