7 - Eating in a Busy World
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In Episode #7 Kayvon and Daidiscuss eating healthily in a busy life. Tune in to learn how to plan ahead and track your feelings after food. You’ll learn a handful of simple tricks to keep you fuller, healthier, and more energized each day.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

●  00:40– Introduction

●  01:15– How do you eat healthily in a busy life?

●  01:40– Dai thinks that everything starts with having a good relationship with the foods you eat

●  02:05– How do I feel after I’ve eaten something?

●  04:30– “Going from a food to feeling; rather than feeling to food”

●  05:40– Certain feelings drive you towards food

●  06:10– A lot of people have a dip in their energy levels in the afternoon - leading them towards sugary treats

●  07:04– Make a note of how you feel 30-60 minutes after you’ve eaten something

●  08:55– “If you struggle with snacking, just plan ahead”

●  09:25– Keep healthy things in your bag that will sustain you for a couple of hours

●  10:50– What did Dai’s nutrition look like today?

●  10:07– Every second morning, he drinks a bullet-proof coffee

●  13:10– This morning he had a smoothie; later on a salad with some salad; a muesli bar with water. Tonight is likely to be steak with salad

●  14:20– “If you eat until you feel full, it’s likely you’ve eaten too much”

●  14:50– Is there a book or method that people can start with?

●  15:15– The Zone Diet

●  16:20– “Just try it for two weeks. Measure your food, even if it’s onerous. It'll teach you how to eyeball it.”

●  18:40– Drink 2-3 liters of water and try to have one big salad every day

●  20:05– What are the ways you try to make your daily diet healthier? Tell us in the comment section

3 Key Points:

1.  Start thinking about how foods make you feel once you’ve eaten them. Go from food to feeling, not from feeling to food.

2.  Plan ahead; keep healthy snacks in your bag.

3. Check out the Zone Diet to get a feel for portioning and how much you should be eating of each food group.

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