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In this episode, Dai shares the story of his journey from obesity and depression to becoming a health and fitness leader. Listen in to hear Kayvon and Dai talk health, personal transformation, and why it's important to “Embrace the Suck”.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

●  01:00– Introduction

●  02:30– “Am I living my life to my maximum capacity?”

●  03:20– The grandeur of nature pushes us to look for a place in the world

●  04:45– “Just before going to sleep is when I wonder about my place”

●  06:00– AquaNotes:“No more great ideas down the drain”

●  07:10– Exchanges with the people around us bring happiness

●  07:47– Dai shares his story

●  08:00– “My lifestyle changed when I was nine...my parents divorced”

●  09:00– “I consoled myself with things I had control over - food, video games”

●  10:50– Became morbidly obese as a teenager and was severely depressed

●  12:10– Brokedown aged 14 in front of the mirror - had a turning point

●  14:26– “I was not going to continue down that path”

●  15:02– joined a gym with a friend and started cycling every day

●  15:50– “I started enjoying my body...I started feeling really good.”

●  16:50– “I started believing that I could do the things I set my mind to.”

●  18:00– “I dedicated myself to helping people transform”

●  18:50– Lifestyle transformation - health is the most important thing in your life

●  20:15– “Health is not tied to age...it’s timeless”

●  22:00– “Life gives you hints about your health...first a nudge, then a push, then a mac truck”

●  24:25– “It all starts with you...if you do the work you’ll get the results”

●  25:00–  Dai started selling fitness equipment and eventually built his own business

●  27:40–  “We get used to living in a state of ill health”

●  28:50–  “Equipment is not the solution”

●  30:10– You have to go back to basics...focusing on equipment is abandoning the solution

●  31:20– Visit Dai’sblog to learn more about his journey

●  32:50– What are the changes you would make in the next 3 years to increase your happiness?

●  33:30– Travel more; focus on his family; create content that helps people

●  36:00– What would your answer to that question be? Continue the conversation.

●  38:30– “Embrace the Suck” - Life will be joyful and easy afterward

●  39:03– “Get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable’

●  40:15–  Get in touch - tell us what you want to hear!

3 Key Points:

1.  Get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable

2.  Either make time for health or make time for illness: one of them is inevitable

3. Everything starts with you. Take responsibility, put the work in, and you’ll start to see change.

Resources Mentioned:

●  AquaNotes– Waterproof notes for those great ideas that come you in the shower

●  Dai’s Blog

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