15 - On Being Raw, Real and Honest
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In Episode #15 Kayvon and Dai discuss the normalcy of up and down experiences, and how the common constraints and definitions we tend to impart upon ourselves are damaging.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

●  00:28 – Introduction to today’s topic

●  00:46 – Dai shares his year of transition and how it impacted him

●  02:23 – “All of us experience Ups and Downs”

●  03:48 – Dai discusses his experiences from the road

o  05:24 – “I was physically tired…And it shifted to a negative direction”

●  06:13 – Remember that tomorrow is a new day with a new opportunity

●  07:39 – “The way we talk about life is how it moves through our head”

●  08:43 – Kayvon’s experiences from the past and how those have changed him

●  10:02 – Our brain gives meanings to non-specific, non-correlated facts

●  10:28 – “Behaving in a certain way doesn’t have to be negative”

●  11:01 – All of us, not matter our peculiarities, are normal human beings

●  12:57 – Strategies on dealing with ups and downs that worked for Dai and Kayvon

o  14:42 – Stop focusing on the negative

o  14:59 – Improve upon the positive

o  16:32 – Look at the physicality (reality) of situations—don’t let your imagination wander too much

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3 Key Points:

1.  Every person experiences Ups and Downs–it’s normal!

2.  Investing energy on negativity thoughts will only fuel negative actions.

3.  Every day is a new opportunity.

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