5 - Whole Life Fitness Manifesto
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In Episode #5 Kayvon and Daidiscuss The Whole Life Fitness Manifesto, Dai’supcoming book. Listen in to learn about how health is holistic, what most people regret when they’re dying, and how to take control of your life in 30 minutes a day.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

●  00:40– Introduction

●  01:40– The Whole Life Fitness Manifesto

●  02:50– The book has taken a year to write from start to finish

●  04:00– Dai was morbidly obese as a teen and has worked in the health industry for 20years

●  05:20– “Twenty years ago, people didn’t know what obesity was”

●  06:35– Mind, body, and spirit are all connected: “If one is weak, they’ll all be weak”

●  07:30– “There are no more excuses...if you have a body, you can work it”

●  08:20– Excuses are bad habits - you have to own them and change them

●  08:40– Dai’s program involves 30 minutes a day of physical, mental, and spiritual health

●  10:00– Long-term lifestyle changes to support your life

●  10:20– “What do you need to be to live the life you want?”

●  11:30– What are some success stories?

●  12:00– Bronnie Ware- worked in hospice homes in Australia

●  12:50– Found the ‘5 Regrets of the Dying

●  14:15– People become more self-aware - they make better choices - when they're healthier

●  15:10– Dai was working full-time while he wrote his book

●  15:55– Dai’s biggest lesson? “The tribe is important. Community is key.”

●  17:00– Go one better than ‘just do it’ - switch to ‘just did it’

●  18:25– Results are what contribute to our happiness: everyone is task-oriented

●  18:50– Remember where you started: be able to track your progress.

●  20:45– We get caught up in the “should”; “didn’t”; “other people are”

●  21:40– Check out Dai’s community at www.daimanuel.com

●  22:30– All of Dai’s work has grown out of the service he gave to the Sunday Fundayprogram

●  25:30– TheWhole Life Fitness Manifesto

3 Key Points:

1.  Health is physical, mental, and spiritual: everything is connected.

2.  Community is key. Having a strong community and tribe around you makes anything possible.

3. Remember how far you’ve come. Not how far you have to go.

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