12 - How Not to be a Victim of Circumstances
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In Episode #12 Kayvon and Dai talk about being a victim of circumstance. Tune in to hear why pain and suffering don’t have to make you a victim, how to make sustainable changes in your life, and the guru who taught his students to “remember yourself”.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

●  00:45 – Introduction

●  02:25 – “Being a victim of circumstances”

●  02:45 – What are the concepts there? Can we unpack those ideas?

●  03:22 – “When we’re victims, our mental state is challenged”

●  04:25 – There is real victimization - but how do we deal with tough situations?

●  05:07 – In his early life, Dan adopted a victim mentality

●  07:08 – Dan gave up drinking - after realizing that even if circumstances gave him ‘permission’ to drink, it was something that was making him unhappy.

●  07:50 – Making changes is about taking control of your own life, even when it’s incredibly hard

●  09:30 – Changes start with yourself - then with others to help you sustain the change

●  11:00 – “We are people with power and choice”

●  12:05 – How do we deal with the real situations that cause us pain?

●  14:00 – Acknowledging that you are still there, and matter, in painful circumstances

●  15:15 – “Stop and remember yourself”

●  17:30 – You do matter in your life

●  18:40 – In school we learn to highlight all of the wrong things

●  20:30 - “I’d rather be Tigger than Eeyore”

●  21:40 – What do you think? Connect with us on social media.

3 Key Points:

1.  Hardship and pain are real - but you always have a choice about what attitude you take

2.  Changes start with yourself, but to be sustained they need help from other people

3.  Stop and remember yourself. You take up space. You matter.

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