Aug 25, 2020
06. From “Thank you” to results: how to build a culture of gratitude with Chester Elton, Сofounder The Culture Works
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Our today's’ guest is often presented as the “Apostle of appreciation” and very rightly so! Chester Elton, cofounder of consulting company The Culture Works, focuses on creating the culture of gratitude in organizations.

“Oh come on, again some stuff about gratitude?!” someone might think. And yes, this topic is really well-known and regarded as something ground level. But shockingly it is not only still in play but thriving and needed by people and companies alike! To prove that Chester quotes his engagement research conducted with over a 1’000’000 respondents all over the world. The research showed that 84% of employees are ready and willing to work harder, if their manager gave them more appreciation and expressed more gratitude.

Chester shared his practices and insights on how to build a culture of gratitude and make appreciation effective. One of the insights I really liked was the answer to my question: “Can you become fed up with appreciation?”. Chester said: “Artem, you are married as I can see. Do you get tired of sincere words “I love you” from your wife? No. And that’s why you don;t get tired of sincere and on-point appreciation, because “Thank you” in the workplace is the synonym to “I love you” in your personal life”.

Go grab your insights from the interview :-)

The Culture Works website: <u>https://www.thecultureworks.com/</u>

Chester’s contacts: <u>https://www.linkedin.com/in/chesterelton</u>

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