Community Heroes
Community Heroes
Sep 9, 2020
#17 | Developing Successful Businesses and People through Community Involvement with Darren Bourke
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In my eyes Darren Bourke is Australia's Number #1 Business Coach/Mentor. His approach to business and the way he operates is like nothing I have experienced. His unique approach is to not only make businesses profitable and operating optimally, but greatly focuses on give the owners time and improving their relationships with themselves, families and their employees. To ensure that they are leveraging their business to achieve the lifestyle they desire, whilst also having less stress and more happiness. In simple terms he helps them get more of what they want without the heartache. One of the areas he encourages businesses owners to invest in, is community. He attributes some of his most valued connections, friendships and business relationships from providing service to charities and community groups. Through this service he was also able to be introduced to many inspiring people that he would not normally have the chance to cross paths with. 

Darren dedicated four years to volunteer mentoring within the charity The Reach Foundation. Reach aims to help at-risk youth pursue their dreams and Darren got involved in creating and delivering programs, workshops, business incubators and one-on-one mentoring. Utilising his business expertise worked with the teens to create businesses, development employ-ability and work skills. From this experience he became in awed by the the work the youth were undertaking, he learnt a lot about the potential of youth and the commonality of what the youth are really craving - to be heard, listened to, understood and encouraged to achieve their potential.


Darren Bourke is a consultant, coach, and mentor to small and medium-sized businesses. With more than thirty years of business experience, he has an intuitive understanding of what makes entrepreneurs and businesses succeed. He has worked with over a thousand businesses throughout his career.

A Chartered Accountant by profession, Darren’s entrepreneurial journey kicked off when he jointly founded a start-up permanent and contract placement recruitment agency, hiring hundreds of finance and management personnel for clients.

His unique combination of financial, management, people, and business skills then led him to create Business Influence, where he specialises in coaching businesses. Darren’s passion is to help small and medium business owners and their teams create sustainable success.

Having filled his coaching business with clients using his own leveraged model, Darren has successfully quarantined time for other important activities. His commitment to a lifetime of learning has seen him study philosophy, meditation, marketing, non-fiction writing, screenwriting, digital media, speaking and publishing.

When he’s not spending time with family and friends, Darren’s passion for AFL and thoroughbred racing is complemented by his love of music, film, literature, and wine.

A screenwriting course led to his light bulb moment of combining a love of business and a love of writing through the storytelling metaphor adopted in his book The Fourth Moon.

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