Salish Wolf
Salish Wolf
May 16, 2020
#6 Zat Baraka on Men’s Leadership, Perseverance, and Fatherhood
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If you take only one thing from this episode, hopefully it is powerful enough to keep you moving forward, even when it feels like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. My guest in this episode, Zat Baraka, has carried that weight, even through the most painful times when he had considered giving up. It was through that pain that he discovered his own inner strength and greatness. He also discovered that, as people, we never really put down the weight. We just grow stronger and better equipped mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to turn the burden into opportunity. Our greatest gifts, says Zat, come from our deepest wounds.

Zat is a leader and teacher of men. He has been and continues to be one of my teachers. He understands that, like me, and probably you, he will never reach the so-called place of arrival, but he will always journey with the intention of keeping his heart wide open to what the universe presents him. In this episode, Zat sheds light on the burden he has carried – from divorce and bankruptcy to deep loss and self-sabotaging – and how he has used these life traumas to hone his craft and help men.

Zat Baraka is a renowned teacher, coach, and speaker in the men’s personal growth and spiritual development movement. His radical approach empowers men to live high performance lives, improving the quality of their sex lives, careers, relationships, and parenting. He coaches men into their deepest experience of integrity, helping them to understand the mature masculine, not as an abstract philosophy, but as an embodied knowledge.

Zat’s training includes more than 25 years of spiritual growth work with an emphasis on intimacy and relationships, comprehensive Tantric Buddhist training, and a Master’s in Spiritual Psychology. He has more than 20 years of intensive men’s group work, cathartic therapy, men’s rite of passage, and men’s personal development work.

Despite Zat’s expertise in men’s work, this episode is not just for men. Rather, it is for any human who has ever faced adversity and wondered if there is daylight on the other side.

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