Salish Wolf
Salish Wolf
Sep 19, 2021
#45 Mikki Willis on the Antidote to Plandemonium, Darkest Hour Healing, and Standing for Truth
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Mikki Willis earned overnight fame (and notoriety) in 2020 when he released his short film "Plandemic", which ironically went more viral than the virus it is about. Somehow, what amounted to an interview between Mikki and scientist Judy Mikovits ended up setting society into a whirl as "haters" and "debunkers" sprang forth more quickly than thistles in a field to bury every shred of this film before it could "contaminate" fertile minds. A billion views later would suggest that they failed.

Truth is hard to quell.

Despite death threats and many dark days and nights, which he openly shares in this interview, Mikki and his team went on to produce the feature-length "Plandemic: Indoctornation" that demonstrates how deeply the programming – by governments, media, and corporations – really runs. Despite all that he knows, and all the vitriol that has been aimed toward him and others who stand for their truth, Mikki navigates this global crisis, and life, with uplifting energy and poise that are truly contagious. His mission is not to cut down the naysayers but instead to spread empowerment and love.

We talk about the homeschool coop that Mikki and his wife launched in 2020 and how that is growing today into a template that could be a compelling alternative to government-based schooling. He shares inspiration from Dr. Judy Mikovits; his new book, Plandemic: 100% Censored. 0% Debunked; and the forthcoming 3rd Plandemic film. And we explore some very sinister and likely scenarios plaguing the world and how truth stands to be the antidote.

Mikki has faced more scorn than most, and yet with the love and support of his family, he remains firmly loyal to humanity, meaning both a compassionate, sympathetic, and generous disposition, and the human race. Mikki knows no other way than to live life with honour, and his selfless acts in support of our freedom demonstrate a courage without limits.

Please enjoy this episode of Salish Wolf with Mikki Willis.

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