Salish Wolf
Salish Wolf
Feb 25, 2021
#25 Daniel Reid on Sex, Virtue, and the Tao
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More than two decades ago, The Tao of Health, Sex, and Longevity by Daniel Reid became a pivotal book in guiding my life journey toward natural medicine and healing philosophies. His prolific writings on Chinese Medicine, Martial Arts, Taoism, Nutrition, and Tea have likely shaped countless other personal journeys.

Daniel’s life is replete with rich experiences and cultures. Growing up in East Africa and then studying in California, his early life was influenced by the free-spirited recreational drug culture of the day. While listening to the introductory university lecture in Chinese history that would shape the direction of his life and life’s work, Daniel was tripping on LSD. After earning a Master’s degree in Chinese Language and Civilization, he moved to Taiwan and spent the next 16 years luxuriating in the culture of ancient philosophy, healing, and nightlife. He eventually relocated to Byron Bay, Australia, with his wife, and they now reside in Thailand.

Daniel is a scholar of many topics, and we leap into several of them here, including sexual healing arts, Taoism, Qi Gong, and high mountain oolong tea. We also talk about some of the escapades that comprise his two-part memoir, Shots from the Hip. Daniel’s life has been a constant dance with the principles of Taosim, and even today, living in a foreign country and time where his freedoms are restricted, he draws on teachings of sages to find the Way. His candor is refreshing, his humour alluring, and his wisdom well-earned.

Please enjoy this episode of Salish Wolf with Daniel Reid.

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