Salish Wolf
Salish Wolf
Mar 31, 2021
#29 Duff Gibson on Olympic Gold, the Power of Sport, and Fatherhood
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This interview with Duff Gibson is a unique listener opportunity to go inside the head and heart of a former world class athlete and coach who is passionate about sport, competition, and fun.

In 2006 Duff did the nearly impossible in the last race of his career by winning gold in the Torino Olympics in the sport of skeleton, a high velocity, headfirst, adrenaline rush down an ice track on top of a tiny sled. And yet, this was not the most impactful sport-related moment of his life. Duff takes us inside his mind to understand his race day and training philosophies, guides us through technical aspects of skeleton, including the physics of steering, and vividly demonstrates the virtue of body awareness.

Today Duff is the author of the soon-to-be-released book, The Tao of Sports, in which he expertly illustrates many sports philosophies such as nurture vs. nature, a positive mindset, passion of pursuit, and the value of fun in youth sport. The book inspired me to seek closure by writing a letter to my first coach whose death many years ago only became known to me relatively recently.

Sport is not the only ground we on which we tread in this episode. We also discuss lessons from fatherhood, and in particular the road to and since adoption. And that road winds us back into sport, more specifically into the realm of youth sport and Dark Horse Athletic, the organization Duff founded to promote fun, physical literacy, and a growth mindset in kids through sport.

Duff is a powerful man with a heart that matches his Olympic medal. His real heroism stems not from his competitive feats but instead from his humbleness, generosity, and passion. Settle in for an epic ride with this true champion.

Please enjoy this episode of Salish Wolf with Duff Gibson.

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