Abolish The Family? (Skit)
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Max plays role of client, Harriet plays role of therapist. This is the trailer to our next episode "Abolish The Family?"


Andromeda, Gabriele Tosi 

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The Ex-Worker
The Ex-Worker
CrimethInc. Ex-Workers’ Collective
#79 – The *Real* Truth About Today’s Anarchists: The Ex-Worker Responds to the New York Times
Anarchists and anti-fascists in general, and CrimethInc. in particular, have been the focus of intense hostile government and right-wing attention and censorship efforts in recent weeks. The latest salvo comes from the New York Times, which on June 30th published “The Truth About Today’s Anarchists,” drawing on conspiracy theorists and right-wing talking points to argue that violent anarchists are somehow controlling the ongoing countrywide protests, but don’t actually care about Black lives. The article actually calls out The Ex-Worker Podcast by name! While we’re flattered for the attention—who knew we were such a threat?—the article is both inaccurate and dangerous; more importantly, it touches on critical issues about today’s movements for liberation that we need to clarify. So in this episode, the Ex-Worker lays out the truth about “The Truth About Today’s Anarchists”, refuting the article’s bogus claims one by one, and offering a more accurate perspective on the relationships between anarchists and the ongoing movement to end white supremacy and police violence. We conclude with an audio version of an article we published with Agency in June called This Is Anarchy: Eight Ways the Black Lives Matter and Justice for George Floyd Protests Reflect Anarchist Ideas in Action. This episode challenges the myths and distortions about anarchism offered across the spectrum from Trump to the New York Times to provide insight into what anarchists today are really fighting for. {October 5, 2020} -------SHOW NOTES------ * Table of Contents: * Introduction {0:01} * The Truth About ‘The Truth About Today’s Anarchists’: The Ex-Worker Responds to the New York Times {6:21} * This Is Anarchy: Eight Ways the Black Lives Matter and Justice for George Floyd Protests Reflect Anarchist Ideas in Action {40:52} * Conclusion {1:02:15} * This episode focuses on our response to the wretched New York Times opinion piece “The Truth About Today’s Anarchists” by Farah Stockman. We published our rebuttal the following day as “The Truth About ‘The Truth About Today’s Anarchists’: The Ex-Worker Responds to the New York Times.” Our colleagues at It’s Going Down have published a lengthy thread going into many of the specific problems with amateur conspiracy theorist Jeremy Lee Quinn’s reporting (which is Stockman’s main source) in detail, if you want to dig deeper. For a laugh, you can also check out the appallingly bad Network Contagion Research Institute report “NETWORK-ENABLED ANARCHY: How Militant Anarcho-Socialist Networks Use Social Media to Instigate Widespread Violence Against Political Opponents and Law Enforcement”—which Stockman also uncritically promotes. * To offer a different perspective on anarchist participation in the Black Lives Matter rebellions of the past months, we’ve also included an audio version of a piece co-published with Agency back in June, “This Is Anarchy: Eight Ways the Black Lives Matter and Justice for George Floyd Protests Reflect Anarchist Ideas in Action.” * To read our own account of how the uprising spread and why the authorities themselves were chiefly responsible for the widespread adoption of confrontational tactics, check out the CrimethInc. article “Snapshots from the Uprising.” If you want to know more about what anarchists believe and desire, start with To Change Everything: An Anarchist Appeal. * On Facebook’s decision to ban and censor anarchist pages, including CrimethInc.’s, check out our response, “On Facebook Banning Pages Associated with Anarchism, and the Digital Censorshop to Come.” Also check out the open letter of support signed by hundreds of publuishers, journalists, educators, and activists to show solidarity. * Also check out media projects like It’s Going Down, who’ve also been under heavy fire from the right wing, as well as The Final Straw, Rebel Steps, and all the other excellent podcasts from the Channel Zero Network. * You can find a reference to CrimethInc. around {2:50:46} during the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on “Protecting Speech by Stopping Anarchist Violence”, during testimony by one Kyle Shideler, a staffer for the Center for Security Policy—an anti-Muslim hate group, according to watchdog organizations, moonlighting as experts on violent left-wing extremism. * For more information on Black anarchism, check out Lorenzo Kom’boa Ervin’s Anarchism and the Black Revolution, the recent Anarkata Statement, Vanessa Taylor’s excellent Mic.com article “How Black Anarchists Are Keeping the Protest Movement Alive,” and the recent AK Press books As Black As Resistance: Finding the Conditions for Liberation by Zoe Samudzi and William Anderson and *Anarcho-Blackness: Notes Toward a Black Anarchism by Marquis Bey. * For an articulate portrayal of exactly why government elites and right-wing authoritarians feel so threatened by us these days, check out the recent essay “Why Anarchism Is Dangerous.”
1 hr 6 min
Parallax Views w/ J.G. Michael
Parallax Views w/ J.G. Michael
Invasion of the Scream Queens! w/ Linnea Quigley & Deborah Voorhees
The count to Halloween continues as Parallax Views celebrates the ladies of horror movies otherwise known as "Scream Queens"! From Janet Leigh in Psycho to her daughter Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween, a variety of actresses have appeared in scary movies over the years and made the role of women in horror a pivotal one to say the least. And, often times, the "Scream Queens" aren't just relegated to using their well-known superpowered lungs. Indeed many a horror film has featured females who fight back, especially in the form of the "Final Girl" trope, such as Nancy Thompson (Heather Langenkamp) in A Nightmare on Elm Street, Sydney Prescott (Neve Campbell) in the Scream franchise, and Alice Hardy (Adrienne King) in Friday the 13th among many others. So in order to celebrate the gals who add a feminine touch to the scary movies we all know and love I invited two actresses associated with the genre onto the program just in time for Halloween. That's right, it's another Parallax Views double feature! Two interviews for the price of one! First up... Linnea Quigley, the "Queen of the B's", joins us to discuss her long career in film and how she became one of the most recognizable "Scream Queens" of the 1980s due to her appearances in cult classics like Return of the Living Dead; Night of the Demons; Silent Night, Deadly Night; Graduation Day; Nightmare Sister; Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama; and Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers. Hell, she's even had the chance to pop out of Freddy Krueger's chest in A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master, a scene which has an interesting behind-the-scenes story you'll here in our conversation. And if that wasn't enough she's been the subject of documentaries (including the great Screaming in High Heels), appeared in music videos by rock bands like the Revolting Cocks and Motorhead, written an autobiography (The Linnea Quigley Bio & Chainsaw Book) and a memoir (I'm Screaming As Fast As I Can: My Life in B-Movies), and has her very own workout video aptly entitled the Linnea Quigley's Horror Workout. Seriously, how many Scream Queens have their very own workout video? As I say to Linnea during our conversation, "Eat your heart out Jamie Lee Curtis!" We cover all the bases we can in fast-paced half hour conversation with Linnea that manages to touch on her surreal experiences in Hollywood (including a marriage proposal story you'll never forget, the trials and tribulations of having make-up FX put on you, a tale of topless guerrilla filmmaking, the famous "deer antlers" murder scene in Silent Night, Deadly Night, and what it's like doing nudity on camera), her experiences in the punk scene (Linnea was as regular at punk rock club The Masque in L.A.), and her love of animals that has led her to vegetarianism and animal rights advocacy! All that and much more with the "Queen of the B's" Linnea Quigley! Then... In our second interview we speak with actress, journalist, and teacher Deborah Voorhees (aka Debi Sue Voorhees). As fans of the 80s slasher movie juggernaut that made Jason Voorhees a household name will tell you, Deborah portrayed the "Tina", who suffered a grisly fate at by way of garden shears in 1985's Friday the 13th Part 5: A New Beginning. Since then, as previously mentioned, Deborah has gone on to careers in journalism and education, but lately horror movie fans have brought her back to the world of cinema. In fact, as of the recording of this interview, Deborah has just finished editing her directorial debut, 13: Fanboy. Returning to her horror roots, Deborah's 13: Fanboy is about a deranged fan who stalks the cast of the Friday the 13th series. The film features such Friday the 13th alumni as the original Friday the 13th's Adrienne King, Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood's Lar Park Lincoln and Jennifer Banko, two different Jason Voorhees actors in the form of Kane Hodder and C.J. Graham, Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning's Ron Sloan, Friday the 13th Part III's Tracie Savage, and even Corey Feldman (who fans will remember appeared in Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter and Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning). Hell, the movie even features a turn by Debra Sullivan who wrote the script for one of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies and an appearance by Dee Wallace of Joe Dante's The Howling, Steven Speilberg's E.T., Critters, Rob Zombie's The Lords of Salem, Stephen King's Cujo, and many other fan favorite genre features! Deborah describes the movie as both a psychological thriller that'll be enjoyed by viewers outside of the Friday the 13th fandom as well a a flick that promises a few good throwback and slasher moments for longtime fans of the Friday the 13th franchise. In this conversation Deborah and talk both about her experiences with Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning as well as the exciting project 13: Fanboy. Also, Deborah explains how her teaching career was abruptly ended when her students found out she was in Friday the 13th Part V. A few boys passed around pictures of her nude scene in the movie and this led to administrative officials to firing her just weeks before her students' graduation. But, believe, it or not this story has a touching end and an emotional moment between Deborah and her students, including one of the male students who passed around the pictures in question. All that and more on this special "INVASION OF THE SCREAMS QUEENS!" edition of Parallax Views! This Episode Brought to You By:The War State:The Cold War Origins of the Military-Industrial Complex and the Power Elite, 1945-1963byMichael SwansonofThe Wall Street Window
1 hr 46 min
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