Why & How to Transition to a Clean Beauty Routine with Hannah McCall, Clean Beauty for Black Girls Founder
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Reading the ingredient list on the back of a body wash, lotion, or shampoo bottle will have you reaching for Wikipedia. Over the years we've learned about the negative health effects of a poor diet and what we put inside of our body, but what about what we put on it? The average woman uses 12 different beauty products every day, and with most leading brands containing toxic ingredients like parabens, phthalates, and petroleum, our bodies are drinking up chemicals that cause cancer, infertility, and other chronic health problems. It's a little scary, but today's guest will give us some tips on how to transition our beauty routines to incorporate healthier products.

Hannah McCall is an educator, a truth-seeker, and motivator to Black women seeking to put their health & success first. She created and founded Clean Beauty for Black Girls to create a platform for Black women to connect, find safer products and support one another. As a fierce champion for justice and the elevation of Black women, she is working to make the connection between the toxins in our everyday products and the health issues affecting Black women on a large scale.

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