59. The Prepper Movement
Play • 35 min
Think you’re ready? You’re not. But there’s hope. This week we’re talking about The Prepper Movement. SOURCES: "We mocked preppers and survivalists – until the pandemic hit" (J Oliver Conroy, The Guardian, 04/30/2020), "Disaster ‘prepping’ was once an American pastime. Today, it’s mainstream again." (Nina Strochlic, National Geographic, 11/10/2020), mirasafety.com, "Doomsday Prepping Goes Mainstream" (NPR, 06/30/2021), northwestsurvivalschool.com, Wikipedia, "The Prepping Industry Wasn’t Prepared for the Coronavirus" (Kate Knibbs, Wired, 03/12/2020, "Heat is about to restructure American life in ways we can only begin to imagine" (Chris Hayes, MSNBC, 07/21/2021), "Doomsday Preppers: I Hope I'm Not Crazy" (YouTube). "We Should All Be Preppers" (Bradley Garrett, THe Atlantic, 05/03/2020), "BBC: Why 'preppers' are going mainstream" (Manuela Saragosa. BBC, 12/10/2020), "Bad News Bias" (David Leonhardt, The New York Times, 03/32/2021). MUSIC: "Get Ready" (Rayelle), "Survivor" (Destiny's Child). ©2021 Charlie Quirk, Britton Rice.
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