Misery is a Choice.
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In an impromptu podcast recording, Nick and Lez choose to no longer be miserable.

 We discuss the issues that have arisen in the last few weeks and the mindset we’ve adopted on misery and how even though things are tough at Mid-Day Squares, we’re choosing to no longer be miserable.

We share key takeaways on:

  • What it means to be a World Class organization
  • How important mindset is in tough times;
  • The “secret” to our relationship as married co-CEO’s;
  • The importance of working on your ability to have hard conversations;
  • What you should expect out of a relationship

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Show notes:

1:00 Why we’re working till 11pm tonight

2:57 Is Mid-Day Squares a sh*tshow?

4:30 We aren’t World Class. Yet.

5:37 Surprise appearance from Alba Saltarelli

7:25 Accepting that we aren’t World Class

9:53 How we evolving our leadership to be World Class

12:40 How accepting misery makes you more miserable

15:13 Acknowledge the misery but don’t let it consume you

18:48 Getting juicy with Nick and Lez

19:55 How therapy helps our relationship

21:33 Hard conversations

24:35 How we have more capacity for hard talks.

27:20 You need to constantly be working on your relationships

28:15 In a partnership you need the output of 3x

29:44 What our relationship means

31:04 What World Class is to us

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