Oct 25, 2020
Cydelle Zuzarte and Meenakshi Kamat – UX Researchers at Swiggy – Whiteboard.fm #028
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In this episode, we speak to Cydelle Zuzarte and Meenakshi Kamat.

Cydelle is a UX Researcher at Swiggy and has previously worked at Hike Messenger. Meenakshi is a Freelance UX Researcher and has previously worked at Swiggy.

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❓⏰ Questions:

00:00 Introduction

02:02 What is UX Research?

03:12 Work profile as a UX Researcher at Swiggy

05:22 Work profile as a Freelance UX Researcher

06:30 Typical day for a UX Researcher at Swiggy and as a Freelancer 

10:13 How to identify the need for conducting UX Research

13:54 Steps followed by UX Researchers to get relevant insights and findings – Aligning, Planning, Executing, Analysing, Sharing

21:16 Difference between exploratory and evaluative research

24:05 How do UX Researchers do interview planning

25:56 Nuances to keep in mind when documenting your research

34:59 How to eliminate bias in your research

37:33 Creating repositories and documenting UX Research at Swiggy

46:10 How to get started into UX Research

50:58 Requirements from people applying for a UX Research internship or full time role

58:20 How do you feel the nature of your work has evolved since you started off and what do you expect to change in the future?

Cydelle's LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cydellezuzarte/

Meenakshi's LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/meenakshi-kamat-74b93410a/

Swiggy Careers: https://careers.swiggy.com/

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