Policy Chats
Policy Chats
Aug 30, 2021
Digital Public Discourse (with Lorna Seitz)
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In this episode, President and co-founder of Legis Lorna Seitz talks with students from the UC Riverside School of Public Policy about electronic public discourse.

About Lorna Seitz:

Lorna Seitz is an expert in developing transformative laws, policies and programs. Seitz has 20+ years of experience in policy development, legislative analysis and institutional reform. She specializes in facilitating collaborative problem-solving processes, promoting civic engagement with policy-making and oversight processes, and establishing systems to address wicked problems. She is the co-founder and President of Legis, a non-profit founded to realize the potential of 21st century technology to overcome barriers to inclusive, responsive, evidence-based policy and law development.

Learn more about Lorna Seitz via https://spp.ucr.edu/senior-policy-fellow-spotlight-lorna-seitz

Podcast Highlights:

“The video footage that we've been able to see has been very impactful.. we have the ability to see more primary evidence now.”

-       Lorna Seitz on the impact of modern technology and social media.

“So it really will shift the paradigm of a large number of people when they both have access to relevant information and also have the ability to discuss it with people.”

-       Lorna Seitz on the impact that accurate information and healthy discourse has on people's views.

“You might have the policy people come up with this policy, and then if you look at the law, it says something totally different; there's a radical disconnect.”

-       Lorna Seitz on the topic of evidence and logic-based policy making.


Lorna Seitz (President and co-founder of Legis)


Kevin Karami (UCR Public Policy Major, Dean’s Chief Ambassador)

Johanna Arias (UCR Public Policy Major, Dean’s Ambassador)

Music by:

C Codaine

https://freemusicarchive.org/music/Xylo-Ziko/Minimal_1625 https://freemusicarchive.org/music/Xylo-Ziko/Phase  Upbeat Emotive by Fretbound


Video Link: https://youtu.be/F_8EMeRnd40

Commercial Links: https://spp.ucr.edu/ba-mpp


This is a production of the UCR School of Public Policy: https://spp.ucr.edu/

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