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Policy Chats
Dec 2, 2022
Climate Crisis, Rising Inequality, Erosion of Democracy, and Big-Power Conflict
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In this episode, Founding Dean of the University of California, Riverside School of Public Policy, Anil Deolalikar talks with students about the most pressing challenges the world faces today.

About Anil Deolalikar:

Anil Deolalikar has been the founding dean of the School of Public Policy since February 2013 and a professor of economics at UC Riverside since 2003. Deolalikar is a development economist who has published four books and 75 articles on the economics of child nutrition, health, education, poverty, and social protection in developing countries. In addition to his research, Deolalikar has extensive public policy experience.

Learn more about Anil Deolalikar via https://profiles.ucr.edu/app/home/profile/anild

Podcast Highlights:

“In some ways, you can almost think about California as a giant experiment to show what can be done by policy to control emissions.”

-       Anil Deolalikar on the topic of climate change and California's efforts to address it. 

“If you look at the average pay of a CEO in a company relative to the average production worker...that ratio used to be the average CEO was paid 25 times more...today it is 300 times. That tells you how unequal things have become.”

-       Anil Deolalikar on the rise of inequality.

“It may mark the end of this four-decade period of globalization... We could have two sets of supranational organizations in the world-one allied with the Chinese and one allied with the United States.”

-       Anil Deolalikar on the economic conflict between China and the United States. 


Anil Deolalikar (Founding Dean, UCR School of Public Policy)


Kevin Karami (UCR Public Policy Major, Dean’s Chief Ambassador)

Catherine Mah (UCR Public Policy Major, Dean’s Ambassador)

Zeno Marganian (UCR Public Policy Major, Dean’s Ambassador)

Dinara Godage (UCR Public Policy Major, Dean’s Ambassador)

Andrew Shannon (UCR Public Policy Major, Dean’s Ambassador)

Music by:

C Codaine



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