The Optimal Body
The Optimal Body
Oct 26, 2020
44 | Losing Balance? Challenging Your Balance Systems
31 min

Think balance exercises are only for the elderly? Join Dr. Jen and Dr. Dom as they explain how balance is important for everyone and why.  Listen in to hear some balance tests, targeting three main systems of balance, to see if you can pass. How was it? Struggling? Find out how you can strengthen these skills and create a more sustainable future for your body.

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What You Will Learn in this PT Pearl:

02:04 – Why balance is so important

04:08 – Why it is important to try and understand different balance tests

06:04 – The three systems of balance

08:09 – How to address problems with vestibular system - Doc Jen’s personal story with BPPV

13:13 – System number three explained

14:18 – The goal behind these tests - Understanding how these systems work within your body

16:04 – How to practically explore what system you rely on the most

19:48 – How a soft tissue injury can come into play for balance training

20:41 – Strategies PTs use to target hip muscles, avoid falling injuries, and uncover what you’re relying on

23:20 – Why a variety of exercises are needed, not just strength training, in your weekly routine

24:21 – How to challenge the vestibular system

25:00 – How to integrate all of these tests - How they have the potential of decreasing your pain

To Watch the PT Pearl on YouTube, click here:

Items mentioned in this episode include:

Balance System Tests:

Research Citations:

Gordon, L. (2017, February 01). Understanding the 3 Balance Systems. From

The Human Balance System. (2020, September 02). From

Full show notes available at

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Leanne Ward Nutrition
Leanne Ward Nutrition
Leanne Ward
Eat to Win with performance chef, Hannah Grant
On today’s podcast, I am joined by special guest, performance chef, Hannah Grant. Hannah is the team chef on the pro cycling tour and, just recently, filmed the gripping Amazon Prime series Eat Race Win. On today’s podcast, Hannah and I start by discussing what made her want to become a chef and how she made the leap from chef to performance-based chef. We then talk about the concept “food is your fuel, your conditioning agent and your recovery” before moving onto how she creates delicious recipes for some of the world’s top athletes. She tells our listeners her top tips for creating delicious yet healthy meals at home and how to make veggies taste better. We chat about how she comes up with unique recipes for her athletes with different tastes, allergies and intolerances and requirements. Finally, we end the podcast with her connection to another special podcast guest, Dr Stacy Sims and how they work together to benefit their athletes. To follow Hannah on Instagram, head to @dailystews on Instagram or, to check out Hannah's cookbooks, head to her website and use the code “leanneward” for a discount. Please subscribe and leave me a review If you enjoyed this podcast, please tag me and share it in your Instagram stories and leave me a positive rating or review in the purple Apple Podcast app (in the rating & reviews section underneath the episode lists). This really helps my podcast get prioritised by Apple and helps me disseminate evidence based information to the people that need it the most! Don't forget to subscribe to my podcast so you never miss an episode!
1 hr 3 min
The Darin Olien Show
The Darin Olien Show
Darin Olien
#39 Fatal Conveniences™: Microwaves: Zapping Away Nutrients
I haven’t used a microwave in over 35 years. So I was shocked to hear that a friend was still using one frequently. You guys, microwaves are bad news. Sure, they heat up your leftovers in seconds, but what else are they doing to your food? Welcome to Fatal Conveniences™ This is a bite-sized segment that parallels The Darin Olien Show. In these segments, we get into society's Fatal Conveniences™. I define these as the things we may be doing because the world we live in makes us believe we have to. These things save us time and trick us into thinking they're actually good for us. But it's those same things that are breaking down our health and the health of the environment around us. I've spent most of my adult life obsessively researching these "conveniences." On every show, I pick one topic, and we dive into it. My goal is to make you more aware of these traps so that you can push back on them. Remember, it starts with you and the choices you make. So, if you're willing to look at your world from a different perspective and make little tweaks that amount to big changes, then this segment is for you. Before you put those leftovers in the microwave, read this first. Microwaves first hit the scene in the 1940s, when convenient food was starting to become all the rage. Invented by Percy Spencer, these contraptions were marketed as a way to prepare food quickly. By the late 1970s, almost every American household had one. We all grew up with one, maybe you still even use one. But I’m telling you now, throw out your microwave! Don’t even donate it, I don’t want anyone cooking their food this way. Just take a sledgehammer to the damn thing. Why am I so convinced microwaves are bad news? Because they change food at a molecular level. The way they work is by agitating the water molecules in food. The water molecules are ripped and torn apart, completely changing the structure of the food you’re heating. This depletes nutrients and leaves you with a nuked mess of empty calories. If that isn’t enough to convince you to toss your microwave, check out the studies I’ve linked below. Please guys, just heat your food on the stove. It’s not that hard. I’ve been doing it that way my entire adult life. A few extra minutes is worth it to make sure you’re getting all the vitamins and nutrients your food has to offer. Information In This Segment: The invention and evolution of the modern microwave How microwaves work The study that shows broccoli losing 97% of its antioxidants after being microwaved Why you should lightly steam veggies instead Why you should NEVER microwave breastmilk The negative health effects of microwaved food Links & Resources: Microwave Cooking and Nutrition Microwave Ovens and Radiation Is There Any Evidence that Microwaving Food Alters its Composition? The Effects of Microwaves on Food Netflix’ Down To Earth’ Official Trailer Download Darin’s amazing new lifestyle app and get 3 days free at Barukas Nuts 15% discount with code “DARIN” Want more great info on how to detoxify your life? Sign up for my Fatal Conveniences™ emails To register for We Are Podcast, go to For 20% off your ticket, use code DARIN. The Darin Olien Show is produced by the team at Must Amplify. If you’re looking to give a voice to your brand, and make sure that it’s heard by the right people, head to to see what Amplify can do for you.
22 min
The Cabral Concept
The Cabral Concept
Dr. Stephen Cabral
1753: The 1% Rule Changed My Life (MM)
Although I’m an avid reader and someone that seeks out as much information as I can in order to learn, grow, and teach, much of it I take with a grain of salt… The reason why I say this is that over the years I have seen a marked difference between “what should work” as stated by the research, and what “does actually work” as seen in the real world… And when it comes to self-improvement and growth there are a few principles I’ve seen work for thousands of people to increase growth, satisfaction, and happiness in life… Tune into today’s #CabralConcept 1753 to discover the 1% rule that changed my life for the better - Enjoy the show and let me know what you thought! - - - Show Notes & Resources: - - - Dr. Cabral's New Book, The Rain Barrel Effect - - - Join the Community & Get Your Questions Answered: - - - Dr. Cabral’s Most Popular At-Home Lab Tests: > Complete Minerals & Metals Test (Test for mineral imbalances & heavy metal toxicity) - - - > Complete Candida, Metabolic & Vitamins Test (Test for 75 biomarkers including yeast & bacterial gut overgrowth, as well as vitamin levels) - - - > Complete Stress, Mood & Metabolism Test (Discover your complete thyroid, adrenal, hormone, vitamin D & insulin levels) - - - > Complete Stress, Sleep & Hormones Test (Run your adrenal & hormone levels) - - - > Complete Food Sensitivity Test (Find out your hidden food sensitivities) - - - > Complete Omega-3 & Inflammation Test (Discover your levels of inflammation related to your omega-6 to omega-3 levels)
25 min
The Fit2Fat2Fit Experience
The Fit2Fat2Fit Experience
Drew Manning
EP278: Week 10 Recap
On this episode of the Fit2Fat2Fit Experience, Drew recaps week 10 of his Fit2Fat2Forty journey including his physical changes, emotional changes, and his hopes for the remainder of the journey. This week was much less stressful on Drew and Julie’s relationship, yet it brought adversity in many other ways. Check in with Drew to see how he is doing this far on this week’s episode! Interested in becoming a certified Complete Keto Coach under the Fit2Fat2Fit brand? Click HERE If you want more Fit2Fat2Forty content, check out our YouTube Channel HERE HIGHLIGHTS: [06:45] Drew’s thoughts on the election, and how he handled the extra stress of his week. [09:40] Drew goes shopping! After resisting buying new clothes to accommodate his journey, Drew finally gives in and gets some clothes that fit. [13:06] Drew’s physical results, and how his body changes have become much more apparent than in previous weeks. [18:45] Drew looks forward to the remaining months of the Fit2Fat2Forty journey, January, and gives a valuable lesson on how to remain even keeled when dealing with adversity. SPONSORS: SteadyMD — SteadyMD is a completely new approach to primary care. Their doctors see a limited number of patients, so they can give you the time and attention you deserve. Their service is completely online, which means that you get comprehensive, personalized care from anywhere in the world, on any device. Go to to take the quiz today! Keto School Program — Get access to all of Drew’s keto content in one convenient location. It’s an all-keto monthly membership program that starts with empathy first for only $8.95/month. Get your first week free, cancel any time. Complete Wellness Supplements — Shop Drew’s hand-formulated, high-quality, pre-workout greens, Keto Meal Replacement with grass-fed collagen, MCT Oil soft-gels, and more. SHOW LINKS: Fit2Fat2Fit Take the Fit2Fat2Fit Podcast Listener Survey Fit2Fat2Fit on Facebook @Fit2Fat2Fit on Instagram Fit2Fat2Fit Book Keto School Program Complete Keto Book Email Drew:
23 min
All About Fitness
All About Fitness
Pete McCall
DeMarcus Ware - From Professional Football to Fitness Professional
In order to play at the highest level of their respective sports, professional athletes train to be in peak physical condition all year round, there is NO off-season, but what happens when the career is over and they are no longer being paid to exercise? How does an athlete who has spent years honing his or her physical ability make the transition to life after sports? Once an athlete ends the career on the field or court, often he or she will transition a new one as a coach in order to share knowledge with the next generation of players. However, a recent trend is that athletes are not returning to their sport to become coaches but are instead becoming personal trainers where they can share their knowledge of fitness with clients. Since a professional athlete has spent years learning how to achieve optimal physical performance, it is a natural transition to becoming a fitness professional where he or she can guide clients on how to optimize performance in their lives. DeMarcus Ware was a first round draft pick by the Dallas Cowboys who went on to help win Super Bowl 50 with the Denver Broncos; now that he has stepped off of the playing field, he has opened 3Volt Fitness, a studio in Trophy Club, Texas where he can share his knowledge and passion with his customers. On this episode of All About Fitness, DeMarcus shares his story of how he ended up in the NFL, provides insights on the amount of off-field work that goes into being a professional athlete and talks about his passion for helping others to achieve their best life. This is a fascinating and motivational discussion with a great athlete and even better human. If you want to see how DeMarcus is staying in peak physical condition after his playing days, or to be able to do the same workouts as the Cowboys all-time sack leader, follow him on Instagram: @DeMarcusWare If you happen to be near Trophy Club, Texas - book a workout with 3 Volt Fitness - maybe you'll have a chance to sweat with DeMarcus: Join Pete for 30 min. HIIT Workouts from the comfort of your own home! Wednesdays and Fridays at 12pm pacific / 3pm eastern, only $10 FOLLOW THIS LINK FOR DETAILS All About Fitness does not take advertiser dollars, nor will it hide valuable content behind a pay wall; purchasing content will support the podcast and help you learn how exercise can enhance your quality of life. Your purchase will make you eligible to receive exclusive content AT NO ADDITIONAL COST! Become a Fan of All About Fitness by purchasing one of the e-books: Exercise for the Fountain of Youth - $7 Functional Core Training - $7 Dynamic Anatomy - $7 Become a Supporter of All About Fitness by purchasing one of the workout programs: 8 week Dumbbell Strength Training - $12 8 week Kettlebell Conditioning - $12 8 week Functional Core Strength Training - $12 Become a SuperFan of All About Fitness by purchasing one of the bundles: Functional Core Training and Dynamic Anatomy - $12 Dynamic Anatomy and Core Training Workout Bundle - $19 Dynamic Anatomy recorded webinar and e-book - $19 If you are a fitness professional, you can earn CECs with one of the following courses, approved for continuing education credits by the American Council on Exercise: Dynamic Anatomy: Learn how the muscles and fascia function as an integrated system and how to use that information to design the workout programs that deliver results for your clients. 0.2 CECs - $29 Glute Reboot: Learn how the most visible muscles in your body work as well as a variety of exercises to help them function (and look) better 0.2 CECs - $29 Total Body Core Training: Learn the science of exercise program design and how to apply it to build a stronger core from the inside out. 0.4 CECs - $67 Want to learn how to design your own programs to slow down the effects of the aging process? Invest in a copy of Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple Besides the podcast interviews, the following content is available to you at no cost: - sign up for the mailing list to receive a free chapter and workout from Smarter Workouts Need workout ideas? Follow the All About Fitness Podcast channel on YouTube for workout solutions that can enhance your quality of life! Follow @PeteMcCall_fitness on Instagram for great exercise ideas, workout programs and to see my senior picture from my high school yearbook.
35 min
The Model Health Show
The Model Health Show
Shawn Stevenson
TMHS 443: How Your Psychology Controls Your Biology & Transforming Education - With Guest Katie Wells
“Happiness is a quality of the soul, not a function of one’s material circumstances.” -Aristotle How do you respond when you face a challenge in life? Whether you’re facing some truly dark days or simply dealing with first world problems, it can be easy to get caught in a cycle of negative thoughts and patterns. I want to encourage you to take a lighthearted approach and focus on abundance. Because even when life is hard and you’re up against an obstacle, there is still an opportunity to be found. Today’s guest, Katie Wells, embodies that philosophy. From turning her personal health struggles into a thriving community to getting her mind right in order to set an example for her children, Katie knows a thing or two about turning lemons into lemonade. Katie is the founder of the renowned website Wellness Mama, bestselling author of The Wellness Mama Cookbook, and a mom of six who is passionate about uplifting and inspiring other families. On today’s show, she’s sharing personal anecdotes about transforming her own health, why mindset is the key to creating sustainable change, and how to cultivate the love of learning in your children. This episode is packed with powerful insights that I hope will resonate with you. Enjoy! In this episode you’ll discover: * How to find the opportunities in challenging situations. * What inspired Katie to invest in her health. * The importance of taking ownership over your own wellness. * Katie’s journey of getting diagnosed with Hashimoto’s (& going into remission!) * How stress and trauma can contribute to inflammation in the body. * The catalyst that encouraged Katie to change her body image. * What psychoneuroendocrinology is. * The difference between training and working out, & why that distinction can be freeing. * Why being conscious of our self-talk matters. * How Katie was able to lose weight by eating more. * Why having clean personal care products matters. * The effects that conventional hand sanitizer can have on the microbiome. * How to support your children’s education from home. * Ways you can encourage your kids to get involve in their education. * The silver linings of living through a pandemic. Items mentioned in this episode include: * -- Get an exclusive discount on your daily health elixirs! * -- Use the coupon code model for 20% off! * -- Get 15% off raw honey & other natural remedies! * <-- Preorder your copy today to claim your bonuses! * Lose Stubborn Fat & Heal Your Thyroid Function with Dr. Izabella Wentz – Episode 220 * Your Body’s Hidden Fat Loss System with Dr. Alan Christianson – Episode 332 * Mind Over Medicine with Dr. Lissa Rankin – Episode 144 * The Body Keeps the Score by Dr. Bessel van der Kolk * The Wellness Mama Cookbook by Katie Wells * Wellnesse - Use the code model and get 10% off Natural Personal Care products such as hand sanitizer, whitening toothpaste and so much more. * Connect with Katie Wells Website / Podcast / Facebook / Instagram Be sure you are subscribed to this podcast to automatically receive your episodes: * Apple Podcasts * Stitcher * Spotify * Soundcloud Join TMHS Facebook community - Model Nation
1 hr 33 min
Ben Greenfield Fitness: Diet, Fat Loss and Performance
Ben Greenfield Fitness: Diet, Fat Loss and Performance
Everything You've Ever Wanted To Know About Fish Oil, Omega 3 Fatty Acids, EPA, DHA & Much More! After publishing my recent giant fish oil article , I've been getting plenty of questions about fish oil lately, including: -Based on human clinical research, what are the actual proven benefits of fish oil? -What kind of dosages/types of fish oil were used in studies? -Are there concerns about rancidity/oxidation when taking fish oil? -What kind of amount and EPA/DHA ratio is ideal? -Are there people who shouldn't take fish oil? -Are there certain nutrients or supplements that should be taken with fish oil? -How can one test their omega fatty acid status? And much more. So I finally decided to get a couple of true, unbiased fish oil experts on my show. is my first guest. He is an internationally recognized expert on omega-3 fatty acids and how they can benefit patients with heart disease. He obtained his Ph.D. in Human Nutrition from the University of Minnesota and did post-doctoral fellowships in Clinical Nutrition and Lipid Metabolism with Dr. Bill Connor at the Oregon Health Sciences University. His interest in omega-3 fatty acids began with his postdoctoral work when he published his first study on the effects of salmon oil on serum lipids in humans (1980). Since that time he has been the recipient of five NIH grants for studies on the effects of omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) on human health. He has more than 300 publications relating to fatty acids, including omega-3s, in medical literature and was an author on two American Heart Association scientific statements on fatty acids: ", and " both published in the journal Circulation. Dr. Harris is a Professor in the Department of Medicine in the Sanford School of Medicine at the University of South Dakota and the President and CEO of OmegaQuant. Dr. Harris's daughter, , PhD, RD is my second guest. Kristina received her PhD in Nutritional Sciences from Pennsylvania State University in 2013 and completed her training to become a Registered Dietitian in 2014. As a graduate student, she studied under Dr. Penny Kris-Etherton, an internationally-recognized expert in fats and nutrition. She worked as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Colorado-Denver under Dr. John Peters in the area of worksite wellness before returning to the omega-3 field. Kristina joined the family business Analytics as a Research Associate in 2014, with a particular focus on omega-3s in maternal health, helping create the Prenatal DHA test and the Mother's Milk DHA test. In 2020, she became Assistant Professor (non-tenure) in the Department of Internal Medicine at the University of South Dakota Sanford School of Medicine. (2020-2022). She lives in Sioux Falls, South Dakota with her husband, two kids, one old dog, and four grandparents. During this discussion, you'll discover: -The 2 sources of Omega-3 fatty acids...8:35 Plant derived fatty acid ALA, alpha linolenic acid( 18 carbons); an acid in the omega-3 family - not the same thing as the fish derived omega-3 Fish derived EPA (20 carbons) and DHA (22 carbons) Cannot get much of the good stuff from ALA (seeds and nuts) Algal oil from micro algae (single cell organism, not kelp) that make EPA/DHA naturally; at the base of the marine food chain Omega-3 fatty acids are made by plants, not fish Some companies grow these algae in big ponds, harvest the omega-3 fatty acids and put in capsules Vegan derived EPA/DHA products has exactly the same molecules as EPA/DHA derived from fish, but does not come from fish, it comes from algae Process is expensive Aquaculture industry is driving the demand for algal oil 70~80% of fish oil produced is fed back to the fish Other sources of fish oil are genetically modified land plants Canela seed oil; Australia is at the forefront to put genes into oil producing land plants, like soy beans -What makes essential fatty acids so essential...15:45 Cell membranes,...
1 hr 18 min
Hit Play Not Pause
Hit Play Not Pause
Hit Play Not Pause
Eat Carbs! with Hillary Wright, MEd, RDN & Elizabeth Ward, MS, RDN (Episode 8)
Low fat. High protein. Low carb. No carb. This week’s guests and authors of The Menopause Diet Plan, Hillary Wright and Elizabeth Ward, have seen diet trends come and go and come around again. And they know what works. Spoiler alert: Yes, you can - and should - eat carbs. We get into why, as well as all the other macronutrients, vitamins. minerals, and foods that menopausal women need for optimum health and performance. Hillary Wright, MEd, RDN, is a registered dietitian and the author of The PCOS Diet Plan and The Prediabetes Diet Plan. She is the director of nutrition counseling for the Domar Center for Mind/Body Health at Boston IVF, a Harvard-affiliated fertility treatment center. She works part-time as a senior nutritionist at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, Massachusetts, and is a founding member of the nutrition technology company Good Measures LLC. Elizabeth Ward, MS, RDN, is a registered dietitian with more than 30 years of experience counseling patients and writing about nutrition and health. She is a recipe developer and food photographer and the author or co-author of several books, including Expect the Best, Your Guide to Healthy Eating Before, During, and After Pregnancy. Ward blogs about a healthy lifestyle at Learn more about their book here:
1 hr 2 min
Muscle For Life with Mike Matthews
Muscle For Life with Mike Matthews
Mike Matthews
Can Hyperventilating Make You Stronger? What Science Says
You’ve probably heard a lot of strange ideas about how to get stronger and build muscle. You know, things like drinking a gallon of milk a day, doing ten sets of ten reps of every exercise, sipping flavored water BCAAs between meals, and so forth. And if you’ve put any of these ideas into practice, you’ve also learned they’re more or less all humbug. If you’re following a well-designed strength training program, eating enough protein and slightly more calories than you burn every day, and sleeping at least 8 hours per night, there’s little else you can do to further goose muscle growth or strength gains. That said, it’s you’re doing all of those things, it’s worth exploring what that “little else” might entail. For example, although blood-flow restriction sounds like something from the pages of Fifty Shades of Gray, it’s actually a scientifically validated method for boosting muscle growth and strength. Recently, researchers have uncovered another potential way to increase strength (and thus muscle growth): hyperventilation training. Hyperventilation? Isn’t that what happens when you have a panic attack? Well, yes, it can occur in response to extreme anxiety, but specifically, hyperventilation refers to a situation where rapid, deep breathing causes an imbalance in the ratio of carbon dioxide (CO2) to oxygen (O2) in your blood. When you “overbreathe” (as some people refer to hyperventilation), you exhale CO2 much faster than you inhale O2. This causes the level of CO2 in your blood to plummet, which can lead to a variety of unpleasant side effects like lightheadedness, dizziness, shortness of breath, and intense tingling in your fingers and face, with the effects becoming more intense the longer you hyperventilate . . . . . . which sounds like the last thing you’d want to experience while lifting heavy weights. According to a new study conducted by scientists at Juntendo University, though, hyperventilating briefly—enough to slightly decrease your blood levels of CO2, but not so much that you experience negative effects—may temporarily make you stronger. Keep listening to learn why and how hyperventilating can boost your strength. 5:34 - What is one of the primarily physiological factors that limits our performance in workouts? 14:14 - How do you hyperventilate? Mentioned on The Show: Legion VIP One-on-One Coaching: --- Want free workout and meal plans? Download my science-based diet and training templates for men and women:
21 min
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