[ep 32] Sustainable Beauty: 4 Tips to Become a Better Consumer with Monique Hines
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Environmental sustainability is the responsibility to conserve natural resources and protect global ecosystems to support health and wellbeing, now and in the future. There is a massive impact on the earth from hard-to-recycle cosmetic packaging, as well as ingredients in the products that aren’t just harmful to the planet (particularly aquatic and marine life) but also to us! It really all comes down to self-regulation and making “cleaner” choices can help preserve us and the earth.

There are four key things I think we can do as consumers to improve sustainability as we shop for, wear, and dispose of makeup and beauty products:

1. Build Your Own & Refillable Palettes

2. Sustainable Materials in Packaging

3. Recycling & Repurposing Cosmetic Materials

4. Sustainable, Clean, & Cruelty-Free Formulas

Memorable quote from the episode

"The idea of sustainability made me be more responsible. I read labels now, and I've started to research."

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