Once BITten!
Once BITten!
Jul 19, 2020
@BitcoinQ_A - Beginner's Or Refresher's Guide To #Bitcoin!
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Today's guest on the show is @BitcoinQ_A who is on a mission to help educate as many people as possible about #Bitcoin in an easy to understand and humble way!

What bought @BitcoinQ_A into the rabbit hole and how did the world of shitcoinery eventually usher him to the promised land of #Bitcoin?

Lauren wanted to know why he decided to stay anonymous and choose to be a robot!

This episode was designed to be a 'no jargon' journey into the different warrens of the #Bitcoin Rabbit hole and we sincerely hope this goes a long way to helping people understand more about this technology.

Join us as we discuss mobile and hard wallets, Private Keys, #Bitcoin addresses and much more.

What does the meme 'Not Your Keys Not Your Coins' mean, why is this so important and how does one take control of your coins?

What is a node, how does it function, what does it do, where can we buy one or how can we build one?

What is a blockchain, what were the block wars, what's a block height and what the hell is a fork or a chain analysis company?

What are miners, are we as plebs able to join the mining space from our garages and why are we arguing over the words halving or halvening?

What is unit bias, what are shitcoins, what's the difference between a #bitcoin or a #Sat and what is lightning and coinjoin?

Full List Of Shills and Mench's:

bitcoinqna.com Visit this website to learn more about what we discussed today!

www.coinfloor.co.uk/bitten @Coinfloor @obi


@Hodler than thou - The Sir Badminton of Bitcoin - Amazing Bond Theme music.

@Adamwoodhams1 - Sound production

@matt_odel - @MartyBent - @TFTC21


@twentyoneism - Bitcoin Art Collective

@Ledger - @Trezor - @COLDCARDwallet




@ministryofnodes - @_k3tan - @stephanlivera


@clarkmoody - https://bitcoin.clarkmoody.com/dashboard/

@BitcoinAudible - @TheCryptoconomy










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