Once BITten!
Once BITten!
Apr 12, 2020
@isaacmorehouse - Free Markets, Homeschool, Entrepreneurship and Bitcoin.
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Today's guest is @isaacmorehouse who is the CEO of

@careercrash and advisor @discoverpraxis.

Find out how Isaac views the overlaps of #homeschool #freemarkets, #Education and #Bitcoin. Why has Isaac spent years building companies that are aimed at accelerating the careers of young adults who don't necessarily want to chase the honours and degrees of mainstream education?

How has society shaped our thoughts and behaviours to believe that anything new or different from the status quo is wrong and irresponsible?

Listen to @Isaacmorehouse bust the FUD around #homeschool including the Socialisation concerns and how to hack going to college or building a career without a 'conventional education.'

How did Isaac discover #Bitcoin and why there is no going back since he experienced the freedom that it gives you. Learn how Isaac has developed a strategy to shill as lightly as possible when speaking with friends and family around #Homeschool and #Bitcoin.

Thank you to @Isaacmorehouse for his time and sharing so much about these topics. 

As always a huge thanks to @AdamWoodhams1 for producing the show!

Full list of Shills and Mench's:






John Holt -  https://www.johnholtgws.com/

John Taylor Gatto - https://www.johntaylorgatto.com/

@kerry_edu Kerry McDonald






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