Episode #24: What is Hoovering and how does the Narcissist use it!?
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Episode: 24

Title: Hoovering

Date: 8/29/2022

Greetings to you!

  • Welcome to my podcast journal where I share my awakening from my narcissist induced nightmare!
  • Hornswoggled means “to trick or deceive (someone)” and ohhh let me tell you, I have definitely been Hornswoggled and by someone so close to me, for at least the past 20 years. My Mom.
  • I have decided to share my experience to offer support to others who are going through the same thing my family is.
  • The content I have found surrounding Narcissistic abuse by professionals and fellow survivors has brought me so much comfort in knowing we are not alone.
  • This Podcast is meant to share my experience, information I have found helpful and the sources so you can check it out on your own,  and share my feelings as I unpack this huge blow, as well as share content that has helped me find answers.


  • Hoovering– To restart the supply of the narcissist, the narcissists will try to reintegrate an "escaped" or abandoned victim.
  • They will do whatever it takes to “win” or “Suck”the victim back and resume their Narc supply much like a Hoover vacuum cleaner, which is why it is referred to as “Hoovering”.
  • Many narcs that were previously ignoring you may suddenly become curiously interested in you again. Slithering back into your inbox, knocking on your door, calling you out of the blue and leaving sugary sweet voicemails as if they have forgotten everything cruel thing they have ever done or said about you.
  • If you were successful in realizing that you were being treated poorly by a Narc and you decided to set boundaries or you went no contact and removed them from your life… you can definitely expect them to come back around in order to weasel their way back in. This can be within weeks, months , and then years.  They will once again try and do anything to get you, their supply tank, back in place to begin the creepy narc abuse cycle all over you. This can or will be done with gifts, apologies given out of the blue, and if they are not willing to apologize they will try to shame you by saying that you are being stubborn by not forgiving them and allowing them back in.
  • They have one goal, and that is to suck you back into being under their control so they can stick their nasty narc straw back into your happy healing life and begin suck that life right out of you.

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