Episode 32: How to Know If You're Dating or in a Friendship with a Narcissist !
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Episode: 32

Title:  How to Know If You're Dating or in a Friendship with a Narcissist !


Greetings to you!

  • Welcome to my podcast journal where I share my awakening from my narcissist induced nightmare!
  • Hornswoggled means “to trick or deceive (someone)” and ohhh let me tell you, I have definitely been Hornswoggled and by someone so close to me, for at least the past 20 years. 
  • I have decided to share my experience to offer support to others who are going through the same thing my family is.
  • The content I have found surrounding Narcissistic abuse by professionals and fellow survivors has brought me so much comfort in knowing we are not alone.
  • This Podcast is meant to share my experience, information I have found helpful and the sources so you can check it out on your own,  and share my feelings as I unpack this huge blow, as well as share content that has helped me find answers.

Making Sense


  • Here are some narcissism red flags to look out for:
  • Lacking empathy. They seem unable or unwilling to have empathy for others, and they appear to have no desire for emotional intimacy.
  • Unrealistic sense of entitlement. They expect others to cater to their desires and may get angry when corrected, put out, or treated as if they’re “common.”
  • Needs to be the center of attention. They may get unreasonably distressed if they feel ignored or if someone else gets more attention than they do.
  • Displays arrogant behaviors and attitudes. They may constantly talk about their successes, romantic conquests, or money. They might “complain” about how much they get hit on.
  • Exploits and takes advantage of others. They use others for their own gain. For instance, they might be “friends” with someone just so they can use their pool or get rides to work.
  • Regularly talks about their fantasies of power, success, or beauty. Conversations often revolve around material things and never get too deep.
  • Behaves as if they’re exceptionally “special.” They feel like they can only be understood by other “special” people.
  • Envious of others or think that others are envious of them. They may gossip about people they’re secretly envious of, or make up their own reasons for why that person is successful, attractive, well-liked, etc. (“She only looks good because of all that plastic surgery.”)

In closing

  • I hope each episode I record helps someone else who may be going through a similar situation or knows someone who has. It can be discouraging to many because they feel guilty for airing the dirty deeds done by others, but we should never feel shamed into silence.
  • I would also Like to add, that I feel it is very important for us not to take on the identity of what was done to us, but instead identify as a person who is overcoming what was done to us as we grow closer to our true self and not the victim role our abuser wants us to be imprisoned in.
  • We don’t want to become the same monster we are trying to heal from.
  • If you have a story of your own that you would like to share you can email the show @ Iwashornswoggled@gmail.com , Tweet the show on twitter at @HornswoggledPod on twitter, or head to https://hornswoggledpodcast.wordpress.com/ to leave a voice mail message, find the show notes and to listen to past episodes!
  • Until next time, have a great day and God Bless <3
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