The Intrepid
The Intrepid
Apr 6, 2023
Greg Golf, Shabang Music Festival, Marketing and the live music industry | The Intrepid Podcast - Episode 4
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CONTENT DISCLAIMER: The following content is intended for informational purposes only and does not promote or condone recreational drug use. Our discussion of harm reduction strategies for individuals who choose to use drugs recreationally is solely intended to provide harm reduction information. It is important to note that while drug use is sometimes common during live music festivals, we strongly advise individuals to carefully consider the potential risks and consequences of drug use and to seek professional help if needed. ___________________________________________________________________________________ We know you've been waiting for it. The Intrepid Podcast is back, and we're kicking off this Spring quarter with Shabang's Co-Founder Greg Golf, joined by our hosts Owen and Nicolas. In this fourth episode, we delve into the world of music and marketing with a focus on the San Luis Obispo (SLO) music scene. Let's explore the history of this iconic SLO event, what goes on behind the scenes, and how you could get involved. Greg Golf, a Cal Poly alumni and entrepreneur, shares his insights into the challenges and opportunities of experiential marketing in the music industry. He discusses how he has created memorable experiences for attendees of the Shabang Music Festival, building a loyal following through word of mouth and community engagement. We also explore the unique aspects of the SLO music scene, including the supportive community of musicians and fans, and the diverse range of genres and styles that can be found in the area. Throughout the episode, we hear about Greg's experiences as an organizer and learn how he has worked to make Shabang Music Festival a success. Whether you're a music lover, a marketing professional, or simply curious about the creative scene in SLO, this episode offers plenty of insights and inspiration. So tune in and join us on this intrepid exploration of the intersection of music and entrepreneurship! SHABANG ūüćĄ LINKS:¬†¬†Timestamps:¬†1:05¬†- Building Up to the Festival¬†2:50¬†- The Shabang Battle of the Bands Tour5:00¬†- The "Last" Shabang and How It All Began¬†11:18¬†- The 5th Installment of the Iconic SLO Event¬†16:44¬†- When Did It Become Legit?¬†17:30¬†- Funding Shabang and Financing the Festival¬†20:30¬†- Artistic Expression and Interactive Activities at Shabang¬†22:35¬†- The Team that Brings It All Together¬†23:30¬†- Silent Disco and Other Unforgettable Experiences¬†25:45¬†- Experiential Marketing and Shabang's Success¬†28:50¬†- How Many People Does It Take to Run Shabang?¬†31:10¬†- Booking Performers and Creating the Lineup¬†32:16¬†- Building the Set for the Festival¬†33:11¬†- The Days Leading Up to Shabang¬†34:04¬†- The Challenges of Running a Festival¬†36:25¬†- Plans for Expanding in the Future38:22¬†- More SLO Events to Look Forward To¬†39:35¬†- The New Venue at Dairy Creek Golf Course¬†43:00¬†- Camping and Other Exciting Possibilities for Shabang's Future¬†43:38¬†- Managing On-Site and Keeping the Festival Safe¬†45:35¬†- The Craziest Moments at Shabang¬†47:54¬†- Shabang's approach to harm reduction and emergency preparedness¬†50:47¬†- The most rewarding part of running Shabang¬†51:30¬†- Upcoming events, collaborations, and community involvement51:54¬†- How students can get involved in planning and running the festival¬†52:37¬†- Ways to support and participate in future events Follow The Intrepid Podcast: Instagram:¬†¬†Listen on Spotify:¬†¬†TikTok: @intrepid_bycpe Follow Cal Poly Entrepreneurs: Find us at¬†¬†Instagram:¬†¬†Facebook:¬†¬†LinkedIn:¬†¬†Leave us a comment with what you'd like to see in the next episode.

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