#367 - Coach David Thorpe - The Godfather of NBA Player Development
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Coach David Thorpe, The Godfather of NBA Player Development, joins Michael Rasile on For the Love of Sports to discuss all things NBA!

Coach dives into the NBA Finals between the Heat and the Nuggets dissecting what he'll be looking for and how he thinks each team will fare. We also look at the player development of each organization to see how they've gotten to this point.

We discuss the meteoric rise of Nikola Jokić and how he's been able to become the best player in basketball, especially over the last 3 years. Then we chat about Heat Culture and how they've been able to reach multiple NBA Finals with undrafted players being at the core of their team.

Coach then talks about what it's like working in the league with high-profile athletes and helping them become better while their teams hang them out to dry.

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