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Stampede Digital Systems and the Know Like Trust podcast presents:

Penny Pearl: 2actify

Even today, with all of our technology, getting a job is still more about a referral from someone you know. Our next guest has a passion for the power we find as human beings in connecting--or networking--with one another.  She says that when we apply online for a job we can expect a single digit response rate.  The majority of job offers come from employers who have some connection with us.  Even in highly specialized fields, how to find a job is rarely discussed in any education and training.  She not only has a better way but has systematized it, can teach it, and guide us through it.

Introducing Penny Pearl: She is the founder and CEO of  2Actify. She is a career strategist, certified coach and skilled networker that serves career-seeking technical professionals and scientists. The 2Actify is a system for strategic online networking for career seekers so they can quickly find and act on job referrals and opportunities.  The 2Actify program is offered by Rutgers University to PhD biomedical scientists as part of their career seeking preparation.

Listen to her story and just like us, here at Stampede, you will come to know, like, and trust her.

Penny Pearl: 2actify


email: Info@2Actify.com

email: Penny@2Actify.com

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/pennypearl

Facebook: 2Actify.com

YouTube: 2Actify

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