Aug 9, 2020
Dhimiki Dhimiki Dhim Nache Bhola Naath Shiva Song | Shivaratri - Belur Math
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Should You Reveal Your Sadhana Practice
The question answered in the discourse was - Is it ok to reveal your Sadhana Practice if someone asks you about it? The scriptures are very clear about it, that one must never disclose their sadhana unless it is with their guru. The impact goes down significantly if you do this. The moment you share it with someone, they will ask you about your experience. Even that is ok, the trouble comes when you exaggerate those experiences, and you begin telling yourself a story that you start to believe. You will then begin to defend those experiences and that involves a lot of lies. When you lie on this path, that significantly weakens your consciousness as a Sadhak. Let your success speak for itself, let people feel your energy, and deduce if you are doing some sadhana. Once you complete a mahapuruscharan, then you are welcome to share what you experienced. The moment you expose your plan, you will have to defend is consciously and subconsciously. Other people's egos and energies come into play. Any sadhana or anything you wish to do has to be guarded. When something is in the making it is not the same as it is made. When you are still in the "making" you need to detach yourself from the ego, which will nudge and propel you to speak about your sadhana and experiences. At that time if someone asks you, just say I am just following instructions, or that I am in the path of mantra yoga or meditation. Listen to the full discourse to get deeper insights into the topic. Video Timeline: 0:00 Start 0:09 Should you reveal your sadhana practice to others 02:35 What happens when you share your practice 05:22 When can you disclose details about your sadhana Intro and outro animation: Sushree Svadha Om Piano music: Adi Sharma "How well you feel about what you do is the foundation of a meaningful existence. A life of no meaning is a life that’s gone out of control. Drifting is hardly a voyage. And that is why, in my humble opinion, every spiritual being at some point of time in his/her life steps back and questions the meaning of it all. "" BREATHE / SMILE / LET GO ----------------------- SUBSCRIBE to Om Swami channel for a weekly dose of positive and practical thoughts on life, meditation, spirituality, relationships & more! - ----------------------- Want to connect & explore more. You can connect with Om Swami on ----------------------- If you enjoy the talks and would like to try courses by Om Swami, please visit: ----------------------- Need a companion in your self-discovery. You can find Om Swami's books here: -----------------------
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