Ambassadors of Hope From The Groundswell Community: Natalie Small & Javier Larco
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This week, we launch my conversation with Natalie Small & Javier Larco straight from Peru. Peru has a rich culture in surfing and a connection to Mama Cocha and Madre Tierra as healing sources.

The surf industry and surf tourism have introduced another side of surfing; a darker side is driven by consumerism and competition. Natalie and Javier are on a mission to realign the local surf culture with its roots. Their intention has deep roots in healing and connecting humanity by caring for all members of the community.

About Natalie:

  • Founder and executive director of Groundswell Community Project. Groundswell Community Project offers various surf therapy programs for self-identifying women overcoming various forms of trauma and its effects. They are a transformational community of surf sisters who provide intersectional, brave, and safe spaces for all self-identifying women to find their unique healing, community, and power in the waves of Mother Ocean.
  • Also, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in California.

About Javier:

  • Professional surfer and surf coach
  • Has explored and surfed up and down the Peru coast, Ecuador, Mexico, California, Indonesia, and river surfed in Germany.
  • He started his first surf school in 2003 in Las Delicias, was the surf coach for the Junior Pro Peru team 2016-2018, is the official Peru surf coach for Unleashed (Canada), Safari Surf  Adventures (US), and Surf Adventures (Brazil), and now provides free coaching and adaptive surf therapy for local kids in Huanchaco.
  • President of the Asociacion de Talentos Libertenos Del Surf and founded Surf Habilitados, a surf project providing surf therapy for local kids living with mental and physical disabilities and their families.

Social Media Profiles:

Groundswell Community Project:



Topics Explored:

  • How do we realign surf culture with its roots?
  • Is it surfing or humanity that needs to realign?
  • Where did surfing take a wrong turn?
  • Where did surfing go right?
  • What are some things we can do to realign?
  • What do you mean by heal and connect?
  • How can therapy and surfing work together?

Location: Huanchaco, Peru

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This podcast is produced by Derek Dodds, founder of Wave Tribe and lover of the sea.

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