#245: Kole Whitty — Facilitator of the "Rite Of Passage Retreat" on Opening Ceremony, Body Mapping Workshop, and Closing Ceremony
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Join me at my "Rite Of Passage Retreat" - An Immersive 2-day retreat to guide you from living off the stresses of your mind into thriving from the wisdom of your soul.

In this episode, I have a conversation with Kole Whitty - one of the main facilitators at my retreat. You will love it.

December 8th - 10th, Austin, TX

Sign up link: https://nishantgarg.me/pod/retreat only for podcast listeners

This is so much more than a retreat.

This is an initiation.

To dive into the depths of yourself.

(and play and laugh like you’re five again!)

Total immersion.




To come as you are and leave anew.

You’ve already been working on yourself and living more from your heart.

But there’s a burning ache inside you for more…
More Depth

More Passion

More Trust

More Connection

More Fulfillment

You’ve lived your whole life consumed by your thoughts, conditioned behaviors, limiting stories, and external pressures.

You’ve worked really hard to get where you are and are very grateful for your successes and progress.

You’ve done a fair amount of inner work already by investing in coaching, therapy or personal development events, and you’re committed to regularly feeding your mind and heart through heart-centered podcasts and books and practices.

But something is missing…

In some ways (or many), you feel like you’re treading water - living just on the surface of what’s really possible.

You feel stuck or unfulfilled in your love-life, career, relationships, inner connection, health (or all of the above).

You have a burning desire to feel more connected to yourself, more connected to others, and more connected to the pulse of life itself.

You’re ready for life to FEEL better.

Not because of what you have or what you’ve achieved or who you’re with - but because of how you relate to yourself and to life.

There’s a knowing inside you that life can be so much richer than what you’re currently experiencing - you just don’t know how.

But you’re ready to find out.
You’re ready to go ALL IN.

You’re ready to pull down your walls and masks and start leading a more fulfilling existence.

You’re ready to feel more invigorated by life - not because of your material or monetary successes - but to start thriving from the inside out.

If this is resonating…the Rite of Passage Retreat was created exactly for you.

This is an event of death, and rebirth.
A sacred journey to let your dust and darkness wash over you…

To learn how to face it and whatever life may throw your way with love and surrender…
So you can walk back into your life with more vitality, self-love, innate joy - and especially more Soul-led truth  than you’ve ever experienced before (and likely with a few new best friends!)

This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience like no other.  From the people we’ll connect in sacred passage with, to the fun and dancing and giggles we’ll let loose in, to the tears and truths we’ll unearth from the deepest parts of our hearts…

It’s time for your Rite of Passage.

Sign up link: https://nishantgarg.me/pod/retreat

Immerse yourself with us into this 2-day guided journey to access your unwavering inner peace and start coming Home to your fullest Self.

Join us December 8th - 10th at the stunning Samadhi Retreat Center

Sign up link: https://nishantgarg.me/pod/retreat

For questions, contact me: https://nishantgarg.me/contact/

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