#228: My Journey — Transformation and Growth, Healing, Meditation, Favorite Books, and More
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Join me at my "Rite Of Passage Retreat" - An Immersive 2-day retreat to guide you from living off the stresses of your mind into thriving from the wisdom of your soul.

This retreat may be right for you if you feel stuck or unfulfilled in your love life, career, relationships, inner connection, health (or all of the above).

Imagine Embracing Your Imperfections as Strengths and Unleashing Your Authentic Expression..

So... if you know that you want to come to this magical retreat, I encourage you to grab your ticket and click Rite Of Passage Retreat

Mike Trugman interviewed me on this podcast ⁠Mike's search for meaning⁠ in 2022. I asked my friends for the podcast feedback - where I can improve? They suggested I shall share more about my journey. Hence, this episode goes deeper into my life. I share about:

  • my relationship with my parents
  • about my upbringing in India and how I moved to the US
  • events that led up to new transformations in life at the age of 30
  • cultivating awareness and resilience
  • journey of starting the podcast and my lessons learned
  • mindfulness, meditation, shadow work, trauma and healing
  • my favorite books, favorite music
  • and much more

I'd love to know your feedback to create a magical experience for you.

Podcast Feedback Survey form: https://forms.gle/zH1RKAprLUnZEzV76: The intention is to know my active listeners personally so that I can create a magical heartfelt experience and touch your heart through my personal stories and guest's stories and learnings.

If you like this short episode, please share it with one person and that would mean the world to me. Sharing is caring.

Connect with Nishant:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nishant-garg-b7a20339/

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/Nishant82638150

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