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Myths of Weight Loss
Jan 2, 2020 · 38 min
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Diets, Exercise, Positive Mindset, Supplements……What works and what doesn’t work when it comes to losing weight? Why is weight loss so tricky? We will delve into this hot topic today on Healthy Harmony. 



Todays Guest: Becca Hammond is a Certified Health Coach with 5 years of health coaching and nutrition counseling experience.

From an early age, Becca was intrigued by health and nutrition and how impactful it was on her own life when she went through health challenges and was able to regain optimal health through holistic health approaches.

*She has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with an emphasis in Nutrition from the University of Oregon, and is also a Certified Yoga Instructor and was able to further increase her health and nutrition knowledge.

*She got her certification as a Health Coach from the Dr. Sears Wellness

*Life experiences, education, and her genuine love for guiding people into optimal health and wellness truly lights Becca up and fuels her passion every day.


Host: Jennifer Pickett 

One of the country’s leading dietitians, Jennifer Pickett has just announced that she will be launching a brand new podcast focusing on healthy living, holistic self-care, and encouragement. Jennifer has a Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition from the University of Southern Mississippi and will be giving away free tips to her listeners that she has given to countless clients as a health and wellness expert for the past twenty-three years. Jennifer’s journey began after getting frustrated with her own health journey so she decided to dig deep and see what she was missing. What she discovered was a very lopsided approach to healthy living. It’s very common for people to simply rely on a diet, an exercise routine, or a supplement. This one-sided approach simply leads to frustration and doesn’t fully address the whole body and holistic health. Jennifer quickly identified barriers that were holding her back from living life to the fullest. By addressing those obstacles, she started to see the beauty of harmony between body, mind, and soul.

During her personal health journey, Jennifer became increasingly frustrated with the lack of simple, realistic, and holistic wellness information. After identifying this gap and huge need, Jennifer decided to launch her own company so she could coach and encourage others. That company is called Healthy Harmony. By using encouraging words with simple and realistic education, Jennifer empowers others to conquer obstacles and move forward on their health journey to live life to the fullest and that is exactly what she will be doing in her new podcast, Healthy Harmony.

The podcast will be weekly and will feature several different segments with Jennifer giving healthy lifestyle tips, cooking recipes, and exclusive interviews with other leading health and lifestyle influencers. Jennifer will simultaneously be releasing interactive cooking videos on her personal YouTube channel starting mid-January. She will be teaching viewers how to make simple, healthy meals that anyone can cook at home.

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