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Catalyst Talks
Apr 21, 2023
Orchestrated Connecting with David Homan
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We do deals, we do business, we have impact, we share our purpose, we speak our truth, we need humans. In this episode my friend David Homan joins me to explore his passion and mission to support connectors to be better askers and exactly how to do it. As part of a large impact ecosystem sometimes we forget how to be intentional about asking for what we need, making connections for others and how to be impeccable with integrity every step of the way.

In this episode Stephanie and David explore:

✨ What it means to be an intentional connector

✨ How to build confidence and share your ‘Impact Ask’

✨ The key to building a strong community of like minded impact action takers

✨ Why asking from purpose is more important than need

✨ The roots of Orchestrated Connecting and how to plug in

✨ What classical music can teach us about community building

✨ The importance of relationships

✨ The alternative to being a stand for what you need or the option of destitution

✨ Why gratitude is gold

✨ How to value your chain of connections

✨ The art of the Impact Ask

About David Homan:

David Homan connects people. His primary skill in life is learning about people, helping them reframe and pitch themselves better, and then creating long-lasting relationships based on the premise that for everyone for whom he connects the dots, they would be described as an action oriented, natural giver with high integrity.

His methodology, Orchestrated Connecting, is currently being explored towards a Book, and his community of over nearly 1100 global "superconnectors" represents family offices, venture capitalists, impact investors, entertainers, athletes, CEOs/Founders, community organizers, and a myriad of other incredible "occupations" that do little to describe how amazing each individual in this community of communities is.

As a prior non-profit CEO, David raised millions for the arts while running a multi-national, multi-million dollar Foundation that survived near total destruction due to Bernie Madoff, and incubated a social impact film company for the Dalio Family Office. His impact advisory firm, Orchestrated Opportunities, partners with family offices, start-ups, funds, and nonprofits to build new, structured ecosystems of relationships to strategically scale and expand their growth. Focal areas include mental health, health and wellness, climate change, art, philanthropy, social justice, and investing in women, among others.

David is a recognized classical composer whose music can be found by saying "Alexa--please play the music of David Homan" with 7 albums and radio play internationally. His latest project is a film/mini-series focused on a composer who loses his mind to Alzheimer's.

 He serves as an Advisor to NEXUS, part of the steering committee of the DC Family Office Network, as a founding member of the First Republic FEA NY Chapter, as an advisor to the Catalyst Impact Foundation, as an Advisor to Regeneration.VC, and as Board Chair of the Arthur Miller Foundation.

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