Catalyst Talks
Catalyst Talks
May 12, 2023
Ammortal Living with Dr. Steven Young
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Have you ever met a mortal wizard? My guest on Catalyst Talks, Dr. Steven Young is definitely one. A Holistic Coach (Mind, Body, Spirit) with a degree in Kinesiology and a Masters and Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy, Steven aims to create 1 billion Ammortals.

In this episode we dive into:
⚫️ What’s an Ammortal and how do you become one
⚫️ Frequency technologies to speed up healing
⚫️ Stacking tech to allow the body to restore itself
⚫️ Unintended consequences
⚫️ The Ammortal Chamber’s alchemy
⚫️ Consciousness and tech to support our future evolution
⚫️ Bridging ancient and future potentials
⚫️ Restorative energy and make it available to you
⚫️ How frequencies can heal you to the core physically, emotionally and spiritually?
⚫️ The quickest way to experience massive transformation in your life
⚫️ The levers to shift from intellectual understanding of spirituality to being
⚫️ Accessing our multidimensionality
⚫️ What’s going to leap our world forward Stick through the end, there is so much wisdom available here!

About Steven Young:
Dr. Steve Young is a Holistic Coach (Mind, Body, Spirit) with a degree in Kinesiology from Penn State and a Masters and Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy from Hahnemann University (now Drexel).He is an Amasian (Taiwanese) who has helped thousands of individuals re-engineer their health for a better lifestyle. He aims to create 1 Billion “Ammortals” – An Ammortal is a mortal that connects to and embodies the divine powers within. They have revealed their essence, gifts, and purpose in life so they inspire others to be and do greater good for humanity.He is the Chief Solutionite of BodySolutions and the Consciousness Tinkerer and Chief Love Officer of Ammortal.

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